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Collaboration with =JamieFayX

I did the coloring!!! :iconftourini:

awesome lineart was made by :iconjamiefayx: [link]

raven (C) dc comics
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Beautiful, but deadly and powerful!
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hey again so y did she block me im so cunfused
ninjaturtlelover3526's avatar
hi im i not blocked any more
ninjaturtlelover3526's avatar
hi can u ask jamiefayx y she blocked me plz
VectorJehuty's avatar
Love the clouds, and the look in her fCW IS NICE :)
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Qc-syncx's avatar
If I had to be any dc hero hands down I'd be raven
Loving it to pieces :)
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love it! A mature raven at the height of her prowess! Fantastic costume! congrats all around!
PredGirl's avatar
Darkness, anger, suspision... i like her look
sweenytoddparody's avatar
she looks like she is gonna kill me... I LOVED IT!!!!!:clap:
BenjaminHopkins's avatar
Makes sense. Darkness is often portrayed as evil and deadly. Even Estacado isn't shy about ripping someone limb-from-limb.
FellitoRockero's avatar
For some reason it makes sense.
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Gorgeous highlights!
RavensHiddenSoul's avatar
Awesome. I like how the bright/dark contrast isn't overwhelming~
crystalbaby8661's avatar
omg she looks pretty with long hair it looks good on her i didn't like when she had short hair though
Nameless75's avatar
real sexy Raven :heart:
mtndewlover's avatar
How about doing somthing for the new 52 for her. Raven could use a new 52 costume. an you are just the to give it to her.
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