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Pin-up fairy



wallpaper version: ADD ME ON FACEBOOK

i have also made a free avatar that you might want to use [link]

This little fairy has been sitting on my computer for the last two and a half years.

Lots of things, mainly emotional have stopped me from uploading it. She kept changing as i kept painting her over and over again.. Many hours spent but i never said that i give up on it. I never give up ...on my old drawings..

She has grown up now and is ready to face the world ;) :sun:

dedicated to :iconmlappas: :hug:

oh and please take a look at the rest of my drawings! I do much more stuff than eye art ;) [link] ;)
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This is truly a sight Irene <img src="…" width="26" height="17" alt=":love:" title="Love" />
Yet again you never cease to amaze everyone with your wonderous skills with painting <img src="…" width="26" height="17" alt=":love:" title="Love" />

The whole picture is very alluring, with all the gentle colours but also some of the sharp ones work, the shapes also with the rather soft and soothing leaves with the flowers to also some of the crisp shapes as well all give a contrast between them which is magical.
The all natural colours also help to make this seem very realistic while also being rather abstract with the fairy and the magical auras roaming around, but who knows, maybe there really is fairys in the depths of the forest <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" title=":D (Big Grin)" />

The sunrays piercing through the treetops to highlight the fairy
Those little white misty things around the leaves at the left give a very illusional feel to those parts, like as if she is in the very depths of the forest. The small flowers help to sooth around the sharp leaves to the right which create a balance between the whole picture.
The detail between the very detailed and the soft, not so detailed also help to continue that balance.
The leaves right at the bottom help to frame the big beautiful flower which creates overall a better focal point for the fairy.

The wings are done beautifully, the soft overall wings of which the background can be seen through are amazing.
The dress is a ravishing with the creation of the many layers to the soft colours that are the same of the wings. The short dress also helps to emphasise length of her legs which further convey the pin-up idea.
The fairy's expression is very interesting with the sort of sexy pin-up look to her, with her piercing eyes she allures the viewer to come into the depth of the forest to meet her.
The flower is a symbolic to show that, she may seem to be very dangerous by her expression that she is also gentle and kind, the butterfly sitting on her knee also helps to convey the idea that she is gentle person from the inside.

All these visual elements all combine together to create a beateous painting and help to make the viewers eyes see something that is truly out of this world. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" title=":D (Big Grin)" />
The wait for 2 and a half years has truly allowed the fairy to grow up and become a truly beautiful and divine being. <img src="…" width="26" height="17" alt=":love:" title="Love" />