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Libra eye

Here is the Libra eye the fourth from my eye zodiac series! :D :dance:

see my tutorial for making similar eyes [link] ;)

Model/photo/makeup/touchups: :iconftourini:

my eyelashes are painted with white tempera and i used two kinds of glitter one with huge purple gems and one with small glittery cyan dust.

why libra? cause libras colors are considered to be the pastel ones and it s element is air so i used a light colored palette and also tried to depict the warmth and balance of libras with the peacefull yet steady look of this eye :flirty:
hope you like!! :D

See the rest of the zodiac eye signs [link] :lol:

see the rest of my gallery: [link] :D

Give me tips for the rest of the zodiac eye signs! I am waiting for your suggestions!!!;)
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I think this is beautiful. Great job.
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This is amazing!!!
RosieGirl27's avatar
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Yes, I liked it !
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found this pic here [link]

love your work!
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:D IT's PURPLE! PURPLE IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE COLORS. im gonna try that. :heart:
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It's beautiful and glad you have a tutorial. Not a lot of people do, so thanks
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Beautiful! I love the shades of purple.
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Whoa, beautiful.
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Libras ftw :) I'm in love with this <3
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I'm a Libra ^^ this is so awesome i love it! ^^
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Now my sign. :clap:
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Ihm a Libra myself,very pretty.
I love the make-up for the Cancer eye too. ^.^
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Featured here: 20 Truly Magical Photo Manipulations of Fantasy Eyes [link]
You can share, like, +1, tweet or StumbleUpon. Thanks :D
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Omg my zodiacal sign is Libra and I love Violet/purple <3
I love this piece of art!
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soo beautifulí
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i'm a libra, i love it!!
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i love the eyes
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so beautiful!
haha i'm a libran and my favourite colour is purple :)
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congrats, I have selected this to be featured in my journal!
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This very impressive piece has been featured here [link] :clap:
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