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June 19, 2008
Escape this steam city by *ftourini
Featured by MidnightExigent
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Escape this steampunk city

This is my entry for a Steampunk contest at Pixelbrush
a description of Steampunk:[link] :lol:
Hope you like cause i put a lot of detail in it. Used several references for the character. The city is totaly fictional, hope i didn't mess much with the pespective :faint:

some steps of the progress can be found here: [link] :poke:

IF YOU LIKE THIS SEE MY OTHER DRAWINGS: :D :boing: [link] :boing: :D

News from my life: on the run with my final degree project at the graphics design school
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cryingunderwater's avatar
You have been featured here: [link] :squee:
xDarkSpineSonicx's avatar
Very nice. Thats great.
missimoinsane's avatar
Hello, just to let you know I featured your amazing work here: [link] - thank you for looking. :heart:
AngryMushroomman's avatar
Really, the women is taking it to far. It destroys the steampunk tradition of steam and a different prospective of life. On that note, I think you should go get one ftoirini.
PsdDude's avatar
hi, can I add this wonderful work to a list with Steam-punk Paintings that I am making for my blog????
KittenPoetrix's avatar
Beautifully done. I disagree with the person who said it's more clockwork than steampunk. It gives a clear steampunk vibe to me, and I only see one clock... I LOVE the use of color. It doesn't have to be "dark" to be steampunk!
Really love the detail on the vehicle, and in particularly its wings, at first I thought she was a fairy as i Scanned over it ha ha
This is really beautiful. I especially love the buildings.
Stevegreen's avatar
Why would she escape that well drawn cool steampunk city? :D great work
Panteleimon-Aeon's avatar
AngryCookie's avatar
You just had to put a butt there, didn't you.
xX-Aura-Xx's avatar
Escape FROM? I would rather escape TO this this.
ENAM's avatar
wonderful work , I like steampunk :aww:

Mr-Pod's avatar
not enough steam punk element, but well done! i would call it more clockwork city, steam punk is somewhat darker, more industrial
Necromancer-Staff's avatar
Woah! Very cool! The color, atmosphere and drawing in general are all amazing!
Much love for the fantastic artsing person!
VJD-Communication's avatar
G’Day Irene, :wave:

Impressive work on your part in the Steampunk genre :#1: and got a "Daily Deviation” as well, Congrats. :w00t:

BTW, did she manage to escape from the Steampunk City. :? :? :?

Bye & take care, :bye: :dance:

ftourini's avatar
Thank you Ian! :heart: Of course she did! ;) and she explores new worlds now that she had never imagined! :wow: :hug:
Soul-Of-Sorrow's avatar
I am seriously in :love: with those wing type things on the machine, the variety of colours really make them look beautiful.
The whole machine is beautiful along with the woman riding on the machine ^^
The way you detail such things is just extradionary :hug:
ftourini's avatar
Thanks!! Bug machines is something i used to see in my dream when i was a kid! :D I plan to make more in the near future!:D
Soul-Of-Sorrow's avatar
Awwww that's such a cool thing to paint for, painting from your childhood dreams! :D
Awww that's soooo inspiring :D
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