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Bye, DeviantArt. Hello, Twitter.
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I'm recently on Twitter only since 2019

I'm EXCLUSIVELY present on Twitter, No more DA. by FTFTheAdvanceToonist, visual art

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* WEBCAM : No! Due to complexe comprehension.


* COMMISSIONS : I Don't Do...

* ART TRADES : I Don't Do...


Hello, everyone! My name is newly FTF The Toonist, or the real username is "FTFTheAdvanceToonist", but NOT simply "Felix", who is originally used by the first Cartoon Superstar, well before Mickey, since 1919 that you should know the history of animation.

I'm well a Cartoonist, before re-becoming a chara designer or an animator in the future.

I sometimes post SOME ORIGINAL ARTS that I want them, some days/weeks after the release of another website: Twitter. Once or twice per month (for a few of newest arts) or more of twice per month (for a tons of arts).

I started to become a DEVIANT member on an artistic website: DeviantART since April 15th, 2012. I started to draw as digital (April to November 2012, then since January 2018) and as traditional (since November 2012)!

Favorite Medias: Cartoons (such as American), Comics strips, Graphic novels, Mangas/Anime, Video games, sometimes Movies (including Marvel & DC, except Classic Disney that I'm NOT a fan).

Langages that I can answer in the communication : English and French (native one since I originally lived) ;

Communication comprehension : Complexe.


My Real Friends since I officially met them :

GarryBatStrip & RomainGondy

My Favoite/lovely DeviantFriends that I like them :

MollyKetty, Doodley, Mast3r-Rainb0w, ZeFrenchM, JowyBean, Jbwarner86, SomeDoodNamedJack, Fnafmangl, Yoshiman1118, KentaDavidofKT, Minami-Kousaka, Mega-Shonen-One-64, Alexthecat360, LadyGT, Gashi-gashi, StevenRayBrown, Atrox-c, ColossalStinker, G-litchy-4, Nintendrawer, Saiiko, Themrock, TheBourgyman, Jpreckless2444, Joeywaggoner, Gabasonian, Aso-Designer, Coconutstevio92, MichaeljLarson, MarioSimpson1, Paratroopacx, Blaze-5, xXxBluexRosexXx, LotusBandicoot, JoeyVazquez, NatouMjSonic, JScartoonfan, StrawberryStar123, ThreadbareSP, ExxDxx13, JonKaGor, Cotton-Gravy, SonicKnight007, FaisalAden, DBZartist94, Ipun, LemiaCrescent, SailorBomber, TheEYZmaster, W00twithbrawl, TuxedoMoroboshi, Dbzandsm, RetroMike, CalamityKangaroo, MontyGog, Sitinuramjah, Elordy, Kaira27, SpookyFan, Honoka, Pitch-Black-Nuzlocke, DBZwarrior, TaylorsToonAdventure, AndrewDickman, Ishoka, DarkArtMind87, Raseinn, Devilkais, Blackhellcat, RedBloope, RatchetMario, Thweatted, Neo-003, Yayacosplay, EminaRukiax, PaulTerVoorde, FreakingArG, ButtonsMaker, SariSpy56, Larrytheplatypusplz, Fentonxd, Evilwaluigi, Ny-Disney-Fan1955, SailorMoonandSonicX, Hoel-Art, Jmkrebs30, MarioBros123, Ma-Yara, Nintendo-Nut1, BeardBeyond, Hugo-H2P, JeremieKent13, HumarWarriorAtticus, ItsHelias94, AnonPau, SpongeFox, Bejitsu, Inyuo, Chensterrain, Sauron88, DuHerrera, SailorMappy, Karina-o-e, DaveAlvarez, Hsvhrt, Batijfg, PapiWolfFox640, Jonathanjo, Zeurel, Charln, Squiddytron, EeyorbStudios, TaRtOoN-Man94, Fellalol1-plz, Fyre-flye, Torkirby, Happydoodle, Epicrainbowcrafts, Despop, MrBowz, EricGuzman, GeoisEvil, Funferno, AllanWade, Bleu-Angel, BrandonKing2013, Devart, MarioStrikerMurphy, DrawingStar12, Anini-chu, Jopiter, MarHero, KirbyStitch, XeternalFlamebryX, Kianamai, BoxBird, Herms85, Chamooi, SuperCaterina, Kissai, DrawLoverLala, Andrewk, LuchoVolke, Potatofarmgir? SakimiChan, CelmationPrince, ETZstrongs, Abysswolf, Davitsu, Cryptid-Creations, DynamicSketch, Mlp-vs-Capcom, NightlyComet, Frigg-Fluff, Techgnotic, RakkuGuy, Cmcc, Dragonith, Jack-Hedgehog, MightyFilm, CaramelCraze, Kawacy, Captainosaka, JNPapa, ChaoticPochi, Kuyangkuyang, Streak663, Wizyakuza, SeizureDemon, Banami-luv, Versiris, CreamSouffle, Animax-cartoon, DJ-Artz101, Rasbii, Fikey, X-harmonie-x44, Larienne, AquaChoco1997, Poppi10lg, SNESharvest, CkSheppard, Shira-Hedgie, Thunderbirds727, Foxiso:, MauroFonseca, SuperZachWorldArt, Sheepyy, Tokita33, Thegreatrouge:, Pistolnya, Crowsar, Xlalakitty21x, Jumblingidiot.

And the rest of my Best Friends who has gone to this website:

CZerika , Nimur6425 , Yuria-Chu, Mrjoshbumstead, So0oper, Alvin-Earthworm-SMBZ, Tom Preston, TVsKyle, Shrafik-Cat, Daffyduck1937, Ssstawa, MichaelLeeLunsford, MnrART, TomothyS, SaccharoKirby, Namie-Kun, Sgm808.


Favorite Fictional Characters :

Felix The Cat, Mario, Goku, Droopy, Flip The Frog, Daffy Duck, Woody Woodpecker, The Pink Panther, Jake The Dog, Garnet, K.O., Ice Bear, Samurai Jack, Salazar Rex, Homer Simpson, Eric Cartman, Peter Griffin(classic), Richard(Unikitty!), Hugo(Cupcake and Dino), Carmen Sandiego, General Amaya, Reggie(Twelve Forever), M. Krabs, Ren Hoek, Luna Loud, Bolin (Korra), Hi-Five(Glitch Techs), Jenny(a Teenage Robot), Norman(Mighty Max), Garfield, Jeremy Duncan, Popeye, Betty Boop, Colonel Heeza Liar, Batman, Superman, Spider-Man(Miles Morales), Wolverine, Iron Man, Hulk, The Wasp(from Avengers' 2010 animated show), Deadpool, The Squirrel Girl, Groot, Black Panther, April O' Neil (Rise of TMNT), Cibersix, Scott Pilgrim, Hilda, Wiz(Fantasy Sports), Jughead, Lupin Arsene III, Tsuyu Asui, Moritaka Mashiro, Maka Albarn, Ryuko Matoi, Michiru Kagemori, Lotte (Little Witch Academia), Saitama, Dandy(Space Dandy), Jotaro the 3rd Jojo, Yoichi Hiruma(Eyeshield 21), Doraemon, Kimba, Princess Sapphire, Mario, Link, Kirby, Ash Ketchum/Red, Sonic The Hedgehiog(Classic), Pac-Man, De Blob, Ryu, DJ Candy, Bomb(Angry Birds), Rainbow Dash, Snufkin(Moomin), Oswald The Lucky Rabbit, Bendy, The Devil (Cuphead), The Cobbler(movie), Roger Rabbit, Walter Mitty, The Mask, Miles(Baby Driver).

Favorite Cartoons Franchises : Felix The Cat, Looney Tunes, Tex Avery's MGM Cartoons, Woody Woodpecker, The Pink Panther, Popeye, Betty Boop, Flip The Frog, Colonel Heeza Liar, The Flintstones, The Powerpuff Girls(1998), Edd Edd n Eddy, Samurai Jack, Generator Rex, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Steven Universe, We Bare Bears, OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes, Sym-Bionic Titan, Primal, The Ren and Stimpy Show, SpongeBob SquarePants(S1-3), Avatar/Legend of Korra, My Life as A Teenager Robot, The Loud House, Oswald The Lucky Rabbit, Gravity Falls, Wander Over Yonder, The Simpsons, American Dad, South Park, Rick & Monty, Cupcake & Dino, The Dragon Prince, Twelve Forever, Glitch Techs, Carmen Sandiego (2019).

Favorite Comics Franchises(daily strips, superheroes and graphic novel):

Garfield, The Penauts/Snoopy, Zits, Dustin, Sherman Laggon, Archie/Riverdale, Superman, Batman, Justice League, Young Justice, DC Super Hero Girls(2019), Spider-Man (since Into the Spider-Verse), Iron Man, Captain America, The Avengers, Fantastic Four, X-Men, Deadpool, Guardian of the Galaxy, Kick Ass, Scott Pilgrim, Hilda, Fantasy Sports, Lumberjanes, Crowded, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (since Rise of TMNT), Astérix, Coming Soon: Cibersix, Flash Gordon, The Phantom and Dick Tracy.

Favorite Mangas & Animes Franchises : Dragon Ball Orignal/Z/Super, Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, Bakuman, Eyeshield 21, My Hero Academia, Dr. Stone, Demon Slayer, Food Wars, D.Gray-Man, Full Metal Alchemist, Soul Eater, Attack On Titan, Lupin The Third, Space Dandy, Kill La Kill, Little Witch Academia, Brand New Animals, Gurren Lagann Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Parasite, Cowboy Bepop, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura, Fruits Basket, Kirarin Revolution!, Tokyo Mew Mew, Nana, Astro Boy, Doraemon, Hamtaro, Kimba the White Lion, Princess Sapphire, The Gutsy Frog.

Favorite Video Games Franchises (consoles, PC and mobile) : Super Mario, Pokémon, The Legend of Zelda, Kirby, Splatoon, Pikmin, Amazing Crossing, Super Smash Bros, Sonic The Hedgehog Classic, Pac-Man, Mega Man, Street Fighter, Rayman, Plants VS Zombies, Minecraft, MySims, De Blob, Angry Birds, Doodle Jump, Cut The Rope, Juice Jam, Crossy Road, Fruit Ninja, Jetpack Joyride, Bendy and The Ink Machine, Cuphead, Garry's Mod, Coming: Portal, Final Fantasy VII, Tomb Raider.


Favorite YouTubers : SMG4, Joueur Du Grenier (French AVGN), RebelTaxi, Pokémon Trash, Ermite Moderne, Fermez-La!, LinksTheSun, SabersparkPhelous, Cyprien, Feast of Fiction, Super Mario Bros Z, Dorkly, ItsJerryAndHarry, Dtoons, Salamcow and Jonny Atma. _______________

I Dislike/Hate for subjectif reasons : Don't care Felix The Cat since the nonsense mentions, Annoying Requesters, Annoying kids, Insult innoncent franchise against popular ones without explain, to be very Girly (just me), Chinese racism, Chinese dramas (too much angrily for me), French rappers with own voice, Mangas X Disney, Disney clichés (often), Fetish, Gore, Fat women, Intense cliché eyes from some modern "no-special" animes, Robert Crumb's girls design, Some French kids-jackass Comics like Titeuf, Caillou (Canadian TV series), Little Princess by Tony Ross, Mondo World (Italian Animated Studios), Ferris Argyle, Neko boy (due to very girly), The year 2016.


Favorite somethings and activities :

Smily, McDonald's, Burger King, Coca-Cola, IPhone, Microsoft's Surface, Tablets, Nintendo, Jeans, Ice creams, American food (French fries, Hamburgers, Pancakes, Corn dogs), Japanese food (Sushis, Salmons, Crepes) Worldwide's subway/Metro, Xbox 360, Deviantart, Twitter, Tumblr, Streaming Services: Netflix and HBO Max, Library, Walking, Adventures, Jazz, Techno, Rock n Roll, etc.


Others Websites :

* Twitter : twitter.com/FTFTheToonist

* Tumblr : felixtoonimefanx360.tumblr.com…

* YouTube (just my Favorite collections) : www.youtube.com/channel/UC5llo…


Favourite Visual Artist
Otto Messmer (and Pat Sullivan), Richard Williams, Tex Avery, Chuck Jones, Bryan Lee O' Malley, Bill Nolan and TMS animators
Favourite Movies
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Back To The Future, Baby Driver(PG-13), Secret Life of Walter Mitty(2013), Ready Player One, The Artist, etc.
Favourite TV Shows
Felix The Cat, Tex Avery's MGM, Pokémon, Ok KO!, Rise of TMNT, Wander, Young Justice, Bakuman, Kill La Kill, Lupin The Third, Carmen Sandiego, etc.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
House Rulez (Korea), VULFPECK, Black Eyes Peas, Simple Plan, Skrillex, Miku Hatsune, etc.
Favourite Books
Hilda, Sam Bosma's Fantasy Sports, LumberJanes, Comic Strips: Garfield, Zits and Dustin, Shonen Jump's mangas
Favourite Writers
Favourite Games
Pokemon White, Super Mario Odyssey, Zelda: Breath of Wild, Minecraft, Sonic Mania, Pac-Man, De Blob, MySims, Splatoon, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo Switch, Game Boy Advance and Wii
Tools of the Trade
Digital (with tablet) and Traditional (drawings)
Other Interests
Toons (characters), Figures, Foods, Travels (often walking).

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Thanks for the fave of my Felix the Cat

hey thanks for the fave! I fixed my emulator to show Felix's other half in the bag :)

Hi, everyone.

After staying my old arts (including my honest opinion in the past) and having seen some problematic comments outside my account,...

I've officially got a sad news for you, but deserving more attention than the past: I'll decide to DELETE one deviation (and possibly some hate ones, such as Johnny Test, when someone maybe doesn't understand my recent attention of exploitation) when I do no longer to support a icon... It's a infamous Youtuber, Doug Walker (Nostalgia Critic) who was a funny stereotype guy to review dumb movies, but actually he's not truly like a historian for continuing to insult good and bad ones without attentions (The Hall, for example) and he prefer focus the same personality than before that he doesn't care to understand something... Same as the worst: he's hugely influenced by everyone who personally act like him for hating any series/media that they want and they usually write as easily weak & unintelligent level. After the controversy on YouTube, we can called #BadMediaCriticism (created since some years) when everyone will forget about him when he's not great to review.

That's why that I'll throw my old fanart (plus some hate ones) during I definitely forget Nostalgia Critic (instead of hate him), for toxic and copying reasons to us that we happend after his insulting attitude to exploit us.

I give a moral message for you when I'm not reasonable by your intelligence/truly level yet,... Stay be optimstic and forget to act like #BadMediaCriticism during our living problematics, due to missing our real reasons. When you would like to talk our problematics, so it must think well before.

Thanks for your attention and sorry that we happend in the past.

FTF The Toonist (is no longer to do NEW posts on our artistic website since 2020, instead of other one).

EDIT (10/08/21) - Officially, I've definitely removed a Nostalgia Critic fanart, because I've not recently happy with the culture, such as Felix... And the points are, like you know, a low historian, but annoying, the bad influence, the exploitation of #BadMediaCriticism.

When you want to continue the experience of iconic reviewers, I recommand some that you deserve more attention, such as Phelous and Saberspark for understanding the sense and the truth.

Sorry that that that I change my life and thanks for your attention.


You sir are truly Nostalgic

can you draw me Robot Jones Mrs. Potato Head as an art trade?

Mrs. Potato Head | Melanie Martinez Wiki | Fandom