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Trapped Character Sketches 2

Second part, Yay! These are the rest of the characters I have for the story so far. Y'all get eight this time, making a grand total of 13! Hmmm... those numbers seem to follow me around... Anyway, onto clarification and such.

1- Cyn Kent, don't ask about the name, it was a completely spur of the moment thing ^^; character based off of
2- Sayo Valon, name belongs to and the character is based off of her, so I figured she wouldn't mind having the name right? *covers head*
3- Satan, based loosely off of and I think she's the only one who would actually get what's going on, but don't tell, tis a surprise :D
4- Zarron, the third demon you meet before Vardengard makes his trip to Earth
5- Nirrel, a devil from hell, take notice, there is a difference between demon and devil in this story.
6- Shem, Zarron's younger sister, looks up to Vardengard.
7- Katrin, a girl who is secretly in love with Zarron, but is intimidated by his sister who thinks she likes Vardengard
8- Eric Wright, Yuiko's husband based off of my sister's "soon to be" fiance (only soon to be because all he has to do is propose, which we know he's gonna do sometime soon)

Oh yeah, Yuiko is based off of , my older sister. The character's daughters are imaginary and don't exist at all. Tsutayo is loosely based off of me.

All characters copyrighted to me, with permission from select individuals to use their image/personality/catch phrases. (one request still pending, will be changed if the owner doesn't approve :( ) don't steal, it's not nice and down right stupid.
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Go go MOMO!!
ftepainting's avatar
lol, Momokun has a hardcore fan :D
Zilliah's avatar
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amazingness squared.
(I'm not doing well with productive comments today, sorry.))
ftepainting's avatar
lol, that's okay :D I'm just happy that people are looking at them and think they're cool.
lurveness's avatar
Awesomeness! *Might do fanart if I find time... j___j*
ftepainting's avatar
lurveness's avatar
I might... if I find time. :3
ftepainting's avatar
always an important factor :D
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Mm, that Zarron's a fine specimen as well!

And I'm loving Shem's tongue rings. Yay tongue rings!
ftepainting's avatar
isn't he tho? :D

actually, I hate tounge rings, but it seemed appropriate for her...
ZombieLady's avatar
I hate that Zarron... skinny little bastard!!
ftepainting's avatar
ZombieLady's avatar
HELLZ YEAH!!!! He's taller than me, but skinnier!!! I hate him like crazy!!!
ftepainting's avatar
most of my bishie characters are taller than me and skinner/weigh less than me/the character I base off myself. I think I'll have it be and issue sometime during the comic XD
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you totally should. satan says it's..... WRONG!!
sayomi-chan's avatar
XXX3 They all look so cool, nice job!!!
winter-melody's avatar
so cute; i love the facial expressions :D
ftepainting's avatar
thanks :) I've been practicing :D
winter-melody's avatar
your welcome :D

yay! keep up with the practice :hug:
FuzzyEars007's avatar
I love all your characters :heart: And OH GOD there's a white (or silver) and black haired guy. I'm obliged to love him, but I've pledged my love to vardengard. What ever shall I do? T^T ENJOY THE MANGA, 'O COURSE 8D

I think I know what my fanart's gonna be ;p
ftepainting's avatar
lol, Vardengard's "rival" eh?

yep, enjoy the manga! Hopefully I shall be motivated to move and get the pages ^^;
FuzzyEars007's avatar
Yes, quite. I read the whole thing, you know :D

You've got an awesome imagination, so it shouldn't be too hard to continue the manga now you've started. You should probably come up with a scheduel, like once a week or once every two weeks update. Give yourself enough time to enjoy the page and the comments on it, because if you update two at a time people will tend to overlook the first page to get to the second. 8D
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