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The Black Joker

Finally! It's finished! If the wings look crappy then you don't need to get your eyes checked. I really don't have the time to try and finish them, so I left them like that. I probably shoulda just left them out of the picture completely....

Ah well, anywho, here it is, I'll be updating the WIP next, so if you're wondering why that's in your inbox too, that's why.
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Love it! Nice yang yang contrast
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Dark, menacing, angsty...
all equals totally kickass! Give yourself a round of applause! :clap::clap::clap:
I am so favin this!
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Wowo really cool, i love the glove type things
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lol, the arm warmers? Yeah, I think they're my favorite part of Vardengard's Character design.
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Thats Vardengard? Wow he looks different
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An illustration of the characters at the latter half of the story.
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Ah i see, very cool
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:clap: wooo that's awesome. Beautiful expressions and i actually love the wings. Very nice work :)
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Your very welcome :)
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i reallyl ike how everything just drewps(sp?) down :D
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Oh I`m envyous. ^^ The horns came out nicely but i have to say I love the eyes and hair.
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Cool pic! I really like the clothing design, especially the bottom part of the clothing with the design around the spade cut out. I also like the slight green you added to the hair as reflective light. Anyways nice pic! :lol:
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