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Practice 3

This one turned out the best, I think.

Shem, from 666 Apricots, which is indefinitely put on hold until college is all sorted out. (btw, I leave in April :dance: )
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Awesome! I like the hair and the expressoins with the tongue and everything! :)
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wow all in pencil
this is really detailed!
were are u leavin to?
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Brigham Young University in Idaho.
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i wish i was going to a university :(
i has to go get my basics done at nova
which i think is the best for now...

when is u gunna halp me use teh coloring programs D:!!!
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Well, let's see... I don't work on Friday.
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hummmmmz around what time do you think?
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Anytime is fine with me. Do you want to do it over at my house or yours?
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well at my house is teh tablet and stuff
so i think mine would best
so u can see what i have to work with
so friday?
ill have to see what snacks to get :D!lol
hmmm like around 12:00? 1;00?
i unno
do you have a ride?
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Yeah sure, that'll be fine.
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Good pose, the almsot angry or bluntly arogent eyes mixed with the tounge makes me think of someone who dosen`t looks childish yet acts so or childish in small outbursts. The eyes are well-done as well, I like the feline quality. Nice picture.
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Thanks very much! And thanks for the fav!
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