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... not gonna talk about this one. Those who know what it is, know what it is. Those who don't can wait.

If it looks iffy in some places, that's because I had to scan the two halves seperate and put them together in Photshop. So color wise, they might look different as well.

Time to complete: I dunno. I never keep track.
media: copic markers with a light touch of white acrylic paint
Edits: two halves put together in photoshop, saturation and contrast slightly edited to match the actual piece, and watermark added to protect the artwork.

Tsuchan, and 666 Apricots are (c) to me, aka =ftepainting. Do NOT copy, sell, print, reproduce, alter or infringe on my copyright rights.
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Wow, I love how active this picture is, yet not overcrowded.
As for photoshopping it together, you can just see it at 2 places, but I'm a sad person who notices these things. I'm suprised you got it to fit so well!
Kazuki88's avatar
AWesome pic! I really like the way you colored the clothes and the gradiation between the red and orange looks really good(the thing in her hand.) :D
FuzzyEars007's avatar
Aw, poor tsuchan. D: The swirls are really awesome here, I always love designs. <3 The hair looks really good, as are the shadows corrosponding with them.
Ravensfeld's avatar
Hmmm. Very interesting work this time. Its very active without being too busy. As for the Photoshoping the two halves together; I don't see any obvious color difference but I would be check it over once again. There seem to be a few places where the lines break particularly on the top part of the cuff on her sleeve, and one small spot on the hair. Either way I like the color pallet you chose for this one. All and all I like the piece.
ftepainting's avatar
Yeah, I figured there were a couple spots I missed. It's harder to tell in this one, mainly because the colors are much more vibrant. When they scanned in, they were crooked, so one part of it is always going to be off from the other.

Thanks for the comment and for pointing it out :)
Ravensfeld's avatar
Not a problem. I love your color choices. They're vibrant and playful so it makes you pieces more active. Something I still have trouble with from time to time.
AKuwaNeKo's avatar
This is the third one and I STILL can't see where you scanned the two halves in. I don't think you have much to worry about there. *Kicks you* Hey~! Stop being so awesome with the markers! :ohnoes:
ftepainting's avatar
Well That's good, I was afraid I missed a spot.

*rubs whatever you kicked* Gee, I'm so sorry for being awesome with the markers *rollz eyez* Shall I just get worse to make you feel better? ;)
AKuwaNeKo's avatar
Nah, I'm good. I just need to be away from my computer long enough to re-introduce myself to traditional mediums. Except, that's sort of stupid, since I'm not majoring in Art, I'm majoring in Computers. I need to stay on the computer! *Has no room to complain* :XD:
Zilliah's avatar
Aww Tsuchan looks so sad! Well she is in chains so I guess that seem probable. I really like the background and chains on this one. There is like no empty space at all. There is something different everywhere you look. Very cool!
sayokitsune's avatar
The nails still freak me out, not gonna lie. O_o

Other than that, LOVE! ~<3
ftepainting's avatar
lol, I saw that in a manga somewhere and like the idea of having butterflies on the nails :D It was an excuse to use the pretty blue colors.
sayokitsune's avatar
That would drive me INSANE. >_> Then again, I'm the girl who can't stand to have her nails painted anything darker than pale pink without it distracting/annoying her.
ftepainting's avatar
Well I wouldn't want it done to MY nails specifically, but I think it looks nice for an illustration.
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