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Make-out Fight

Here we are, the 9999 Kiriban. As following the original Kiriban, this one is in comic form. As requested by ~zillah who caught the Kiriban, this one features Vardengard and Tsuchan having fun.

1) Vardengard's Book:
For those who haven't figured out so far, Momokun/Vardengard has an infinite amount of books on the decimation of human life.

2) Vardengard's Hair:
At this point in the story (the point where the romance part of this shojo manga actually takes place) Vardengard has previously lost a bet and had to dye his hair black. The upside to this being that he can wear more clothes that otherwise would have looked horrible with red hair.

3) Tsuchan's Hair:
For those who would notice, her hair's grown out by this point in the story. It's long and curly.

4) The 6th Panel:
Inspired by *Slinkers at this deviation.

5) The Fight:
Is pretty much a sum up of their relationship. And other than the making out, was their relationship before they ever "got together". There isn't any magical shojo change in their persona. They fight. A lot.

6) The Camera:
Obviously this is where Tsuchan is still extorting demons. At this point, Vardengard is keeping his relationship with Tsuchan a secret from Shem, because Shem would, without any qualms or second thoughts, kill Tsuchan whom she is friends with at this point. So obviously Tsuchan uses this to her advantage to use Vardengard to do various things like: cutting the grass, washing dishes, shopping for groceries etc etc.

7) The "Making out SFX"
I'm lazy when it comes to making up Sound Effects. Sue me.

Hmmm... I think that's it as far as explaining the vauge aspects of this... I'd also like to point out that I did this in copic markers and I never want to go back to prismacolors again! Copics are lovely. If you want a comparison, Tsuchan's hair was made with Prismacolor for the base color (I have no light brown in PC so it's a copic for the highlights) and Vardengard's hair was done in Copics. As was basically everything else in the picture except the angry red flash (I don't have a bold red in Copics),Tsuchan's eyes in the fifth panel (same as the red flash), Tsuchan's hair, the chocolately stuff in the blue bowl, annnnnd that's it.

Time: I dunno, a couple hours?
Media: 11x14 Bristol Paper, Micron Pens, Copic Markers (Colorless Blender, B34, B41, BG93, BG96, E000, E04, E21, E31, E33, E43, E50, E93, N2, N5, N7, N10), Prismacolor Markers (Eggshell, Light Umber, Crimson Red, Poppy red, dark Brown, Canary Yellow)
Scanned in two Parts and fixed in Photoshop. No editing to the color was done.

Vardengard/Momokun, Tsuchan and 666 Apricots (c) =ftepainting please do not re-use, distribute or make copies of, of any kind.
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hikarus-nova's avatar
Your costumes are awesome. My favorite style.
graceia's avatar
I don't know who these people are, but that doesn't take away the fact that this is rather hilarious. Seriously, this is my new mother!! *sends it to random friends*
ftepainting's avatar
Mother!? O.o?

oh, and I'm in the process of writing up the story, so you might see it in manga format sometime down the road...
graceia's avatar
sweet! it looks good!
NekoAiTorankusu's avatar
Oh god, this is awesome! The coloring is so nice, I love the frame where she drops the bowl.. haha ^_^ Their expressions are so great all over this comic :D
ZombieLady's avatar
oh noes!!! :ohnoes: school has eaten my life!! must catch up with your stufage and whatnot... and... THESE TWO?! TOGETHER?????? when did i miss this?!
ftepainting's avatar
lol XD They were kinda always planned to be together at the VERY END of the comic, but not in the way that people think people get together all lovey dovey and stuff. It's more of a love/hate relationship where they can't stand eachother but they also really like eachother. *shrug* it's hard to explain...
ZombieLady's avatar
makes sense too me... O.o' suprisingly.... i usually don't get love... things.
ftepainting's avatar
meh, I don't get the love relationships where the plot goes as thus:

"I hate j00!" to "I <3 yoooou!" and then there's a complete character change and they're not at all like they were in the beginning of the comic. And their love is sooooo strong that nothing could ever break those bonds.
ZombieLady's avatar
aww... cute sappy stuff.. like the kind on trees...
ftepainting's avatar
ewww... I hate tree sap. It gets everywhere and leaves you feeling dirty and attracting all other kinds of dirt. O.o
ZombieLady's avatar
and sticky.... i remember when it got all over a sweater once... that's why i converted from tree hugger to using-all-the-toilet-paper person...
Tsukei's avatar


Ahhh, and then there was lub~!
TinaPuaa's avatar
muhahaha, makeout!! score! go Vardengard!! I love your characters. I like the priss face panel, the face tsutayo is making is da best!
ftepainting's avatar
Thank you :) I wanna get the comic started so bad :( but I only get one day off from work this week and I'm doing mostly closings, which ruins my entire day.
andromoda's avatar
Lu-De's avatar
Lovely comic
ftepainting's avatar
Thank you, and thanks so much for the fav! I was all like "OMG FIREKUN IS FAVING MY WORK!?!?!" :faint:
Zilliah's avatar
That is SOOO cute!!! I'ma little jelose but thouse last pannles are just.....KIYAA!*fangirl scream*
I'm so gald yu did this! And congratulations!!!!
I holpe you get another 9999!!!
catqueen5's avatar
That is too funny. X333
sayomi-chan's avatar
^w^ Cute, very cute. =p The interplay between your characters is highly amusing. ^___^ I also love how you did their expressions. :lol: Excellent job!
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