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... not gonna talk about this one. Those who know what it is, know what it is. Those who don't can wait.

If it looks iffy in some places, that's because I had to scan the two halves seperate and put them together in Photshop. So color wise, they might look different as well.

Time to complete: I dunno. I never keep track.
media: copic markers with a light touch of white acrylic paint
Edits: two halves put together in photoshop, saturation and contrast slightly edited to match the actual piece, and watermark added to protect the artwork.

Vardengard/Momokun, Tsuchan, and 666 Apricots are (c) to me, aka =ftepainting. Do NOT copy, sell, print, reproduce, alter or infringe on my copyright rights.
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Nice I like this one!!
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:clap: Looks awesome. Nicely drawn and coloured as always. Freeky looking expression :)
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Cool pic! You did an amazing job with the foreshortening in this pic! :D
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Erk. My comment didn't stick. Well, I was going on about how fantastic Momo looks and how much more vibrant your works has gotten since you started using Copics. Momo's skin and expression are awesome!

There's something iffy in the arms, though. They looks a tad too long, and the hands a tad too big for proper porportions, but other than that it really is an impressive piece. <3
AthelLoren-wardancer's avatar
I love ! You did an awesome job Jessica!
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it's cool xD
so thats what Vardengard looks when he is hes demon form?
they look so cute togeather ^^
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lol, actually that would be Vardengard in a forced devil form. the heirarchy of hell is a little complex in my story.
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ohh the exciting.... yay
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It's all like *WHOOSH* perspective and dynamic-ness. :D
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Wow that so cool! Momokun looks really good, I had to do a double-take on his ears and hors though for like half a sec I thought they where cat ears!
I really like how he is holding her up it looks really accurate!
And I don't know, I didn't see any odd Photoshop-y places.
Lovely piece of work!
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lol, yeah, his ears and horns were are a bit of a problem when it comes to layout.

Thanks a lot, I actually spent a lot of time on this piece. :hug:
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love the colors
copic? comp?
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copic. It says so under "media" in the artist's comments.
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And looks AWESOME, babe! :hi-five:
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Thank you much ^^
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