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Character Designs for Trapped

EDIT2: put in watermarks, because I was working on it and realized that A) I really like these pieces and B) they were totally stealable, so the watermarks go on, sorry if you don't like them, but I'd rather not take the chance in the first place ^^;

EDIT: Changed it so you can now see the sketch, the colored and in-between. just cuz I like all three :D

Character designs for "Trapped" Yay! Sneak peeks at the characters!

1- Ishiko and Shiori, the hapless artist's faternal twin nieces.
2- Yuiko, the hapless artist's sister novelist
3- Momokun! aka Vardengard, the hapless artist's poor prisoner
4- Tsutayo, the hapless artist herself!
5- Jaryez, Momokun's ADHD friend

More to come I suppose, there's Yuiko's husband, the third guy demon, a few girl demons, Sayo, Cyn, and I suppose some others. Oh yeah, and satan :D I think y'all will like his design XDDD

All characters are copyrighted to me! don't steal.
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This is making me sooo excited! X3
ftepainting's avatar
glad you're excited, now I only got to get the pages drawn out ^^;
redwerecat's avatar

((You know what you need? A little red kitty demon for the shmexy recptionist...))
ftepainting's avatar
a what? O.O *is intrigued*
redwerecat's avatar
Thou needst a little red kitty...a redwerecat, per se, for the sad little (kinda crepy) receptionist-dude.
Because...he's just that awesome.
ftepainting's avatar
lol, okay :D I'll add it in.
winter-melody's avatar
great characters ;]
lurveness's avatar
Colors wooooo! >w<
scribble-a-doodle's avatar
This is wonderful, love! As I think everyone else has said, Jaryez is really pretty. Makes me happy. :nod:

Loves, loves, loves! :heart:
ftepainting's avatar
I think Jaryez's fan base is in competition with Momokun's :D
scribble-a-doodle's avatar
For serious. I mean, he's so cute!! It's insane. :nod:
ftepainting's avatar
lol, well, wait till you see the rest of the characters XD
FuzzyEars007's avatar
Assets: Bishiness. 8D HELLZ YEAH. I owe you, btw, to make a more suitable picture~

I LOVE THESE PEOPLE. I must know more in manga-format :heart:
ftepainting's avatar
if you want to, go ahead :) fanart is always appreciated :D

I'm trying I'm trying, I'm just a little slow from my illness.
FuzzyEars007's avatar
I didn't mean to rush you, take all the time you want.

You're welcome, I will definetly try as soon as I get some free time :D
ftepainting's avatar
naw, it's fine. I made a commitment, I should stick to it.
FuzzyEars007's avatar
Well, however you go about it, I will love to see any and all work whenever possible. But I can't say much on how you go about your commitments, so I suppose I can just stop here XD

Anyway, I owe you fanart 'cuz my half of the art trade was crap, and I know it. I WILL give you a better piece to look at :heart:
ftepainting's avatar
yeah... well to tell the truth I have alot of commitments... I should finish them ^^;

lol, okay, if you feel you really need to :D
sayomi-chan's avatar
^____^ Nice job with their expressions and hair, they all look very interesting!
sayokitsune's avatar
Wa-ya! Prettah! :heart: Ooh, I like Jaryez's hair that color. At first I thought he was blonde, but I like da bloo better.
ftepainting's avatar
yeah, I like the pale hair, dark skin characters :D
sayokitsune's avatar
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