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Black Joker-WIP

This will be edited and the new WIPs, will be added to the bottom. Therefore creating a sort of walk through when the piece is finished.


A WIP. The lineart is pretty much done, except for the side lettering and design. Anywho, there were some changes to the original sketch, personally I think it looks better now.

Some of the picture may be sketchy, especially the hair, because I'm going to be painting over the lines and they'll eventually be covered up or erased.


I'm trying out a new skin coloring combination with my usual-ish hair coloring. And instead of flat coloring everything first, I decided to color this picture piece by piece, and I think it's going to turn out really nice *crosses fingers and knocks on wood*.

And don't worry Jo-kun, I'll be working on BS during my breaks at work since there's going to be no new manga until like... Feburary... :(


Ah... so I came down with a stomach virus, and now work on the computer is about the only thing I can do, so yay! Progress on the piece.

At this point I finished Tsuchan's skin, which changed from the initial shade I wanted it to be. Her horns are also done as you can see. They're actually on three different layers (see the layers pallette). Some of you may also notice that both of their hair are different shades from the story. It's for illustrative purposes, do not question.

I also started coloring Tsuchan's dress, when I remembered that the wings were intended to be infront, and that I probably would need to finish them first before continuing with anything else.


I colored in the wings, which are split into three layers, the first being the foremost wing, the second, the top half of the background wing and the third is the bottom half of the wing that is seen behind Tsuchan's dress. After coloring in the wings, I left them to fester in my head and began work on Tsuchan's dress, eventually giving it a velvetish kind of look. Then I went back to the wings and began thinking up a color scheme for them.


So as you can see, I'm ignoring the wings again. Who knows when I'll get back to them. Anywho, I changed the background color because my eyes started to burn at this point from all the white. Plus, when working with a dominantly dark picture/character, white tends to wash out the dark colors. You might notice that I darkened Tsuchan's dress and her hair (after the hair was darkened, I dogded it a bit to git it back some sheen).

So, then I did Vardengard's shirt, trim and buckles, I actually started out with a light blue, but decided to save it for another picture and keep going with the theme, Black Joker. A light blue would have made him look too innocent for my liking anyway.


Again, ignoring the wings, well, the angelic ones. I finished Vardengard's boots, and began work on Tsuchan's wings. I don't much care for the outcome, but there's not much more I think I can do for it. It's like one of those puzzles that you know you won't be able to solve until later. So now they're what they are now, and not likely to change.

The thing that's probably most important during this WIP, is the layers pallette. As of now, I have 27 layers in this piece. Normally, it works just fine to name something like "Tsuchan iris" or "Vardengard shirt" and I'd be fine working with the many layers. However, when you're jumping between two layers (namely the wings layers) to keep things consistant, it consumes time to find where exactly I left the layer. So, a useful feature to Photoshop that I haven't used until now is the color option for the layers in the layers pallette. Just right click the layer, select "Layer Properties", click the color pull down list, and select the color. For this picture, Vardengard's wing layers are both blue, Tsuchan's wing layers are both green, and the lineart layer is red (The lineart layer is very important because what's above and below this layer is key to the piece.)

If you're wondering what the heck is going on, and why everything is plastered with watermarks, please see my journal for details on my card project and other happenings.

666 Apricots, characters, plot and such are all copyrighted to =ftepainting (me). Do not steal, copy, alter or use without my written and signed permission.
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AthelLoren-wardancer's avatar
Very nice! Beautiful work, deary! What sort of brush did you use for the hair? And I love that you're starting to use blues in the skin tone. I love doing that. It gives it a more subtle and interesting feel. :thumbsup:
ftepainting's avatar
Yay! Approval! Anyways, to do the hair I start with everything flat. Then I use a larger brush to show the lighter and darker areas. Then I move the hair above the lineart layer and use smaller brushes to get more detail. The smallest brush I use is a 1px brush. The largest I might use is a 15px brush. My canvas I think is 11x17 inches at 300dpi. Then I might use a large soft dodge tool to bring out more of the saturation of detail in the hair.
AthelLoren-wardancer's avatar
Do you still use the fade feature on the brushes when diong the hair?
ftepainting's avatar
Yes, but I don't make it fade in so many steps. I change it to the stylus pressure. It makes it look more natural and less uniform.
Kazuki88's avatar
Its looking really good! I like how realistic the hair is.Can't wait to see the finish pic. :lol:
sayokitsune's avatar
Beautous. <3 Both the hair and skin impress me immensely. I have a feeling this is going to come out wonderful
ftepainting's avatar
Thanks, I hope so.
sayokitsune's avatar
Just kidding. I feel too shitty.
sayokitsune's avatar
I plan to have your fic done by tonight, btw. Hopefully. XD
sayoko's avatar
did u scan this pic in or do it in a tablet thingy?
i just got a tablet
and i dont know how to use the coloring system or drawing system @_@
ftepainting's avatar
Okay, well first of all, what do you mean by "POP!"?

And second, what programs do you have, because that makes a big difference. I don't know how to use painter, I just know Photoshop.

And I drew the sketch on paper, and then scanned it into photoshop, and "inked" it in photoshop.
sayoko's avatar
pop u know PIZZAZE with all the cool features

and i have
corel paint shop photo (that a friend gave me)

corel painter essentials 3
adobe photo shop ellements X_X

so u scanned it in then traced it?
ftepainting's avatar
Well, the pizazz, as you call it, comes with a lot of practice and watching/studying a lot of artists that are loads better than I am.

Don't know corel, and I don't know what's on the elements program for photoshop, so I'd have to see it first.

And, no, not really trace. I re-traced the lineart on a light box a couple times to tweak it. It's more acurately called inking.
catqueen5's avatar
Oh wow... I can't wait till this is done~
Zilliah's avatar
Wow this will look really cool when you finish it!!
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