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666 faces

Yay! I think I got the nose problem officially squared away now! Thanks =alexds1!

I'm redrawing my 666 cast and I think I may actually seriously start drawing the comic. The only thing to square away now is the script... ^^;

Anywho, enjoy, I plan on coloring this one, which is why their eyes are all colored in black :D

666Apricots, Tsuchan, Vardengard and all other characters are copyright of me, =ftepainting with some persona based off of real people with permission from them.
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Yay! it' looks great! Especially Shem and Zarron....and I look so happy. :)
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(said the comic writer)
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Nice... I realy hate to say the noses look a Liiiiil biggy... dont kill meh! *runs as fast as a squirrel can*

But I envy those eyes and the hair outlines, I need to work on those myself... as well as many other things, heh.
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Well, it's not like everyone's noses are petite in real life. I'm still working on it, but the basic problem has been worked out. I don't want my comic to look like a conventional manga style comic. Especially being that the main character girl is an artist, I want to be able to differeniate her art from "their world".
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Yeah, I like the idea. But all their noses just looked similar here and round.
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yeah, like I said, still working on it :)
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LAWL is that littl eboy seriously satan XD
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