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666 IDs and Cast -SPOILERS-

Finally! After losing the bag they were in I have finally posted their IDs. Now you have an almost complete cast list. Almost because a couple are missing.

there shouldn't be any problem reading any of them, and any you can't read... probably isn't that important XD The return of the horrible handwriting! :evillaugh:

All the stuff in computer text is stuff I had to fill in after I scanned because I either forgot or because I didn't remember to ask that person. Those who want to make an edit to their ID (you know who you are) don't hesitate to point it out.

In order from Top to Bottom:

WARNING: reading IDs may result in hints to spoilers later in the story.

-Tsuchan =ftepainting
-Eriise (the widdle dragon in the ring)
-Vardengard as a work-a-holic demon
-Vardengard's facade as a human (named Momo-kun at this point)
-Vardengard being controlled as a devil
-Farrin (new character, an angel)
-Sayo :devsayokistune:
-Cyn ~AthelLoren-wardancer
-Yuiko ~LDSwriter
-Red Were Cat *redwerecat
-Kissy Kissy Foxy Poo (inside joke, and no, I won't change the name :evillaugh:) ~Fox-Sushi
-Spiffy ~spiffykt
-Satan hamster based off of ~ZombieLady
-Satan child/doll/puppet

666 Apricots and cast (c) moi
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~.~ Am i allowed to slap Zarron for his utter pervertness? .. ~ I am very found of your drawings utter prettynesss. ~I dunno,just using fancy words ~ Anyways, I adooore it <3
ftepainting's avatar
I'm glad you like.

Uh... and I suppose you could slap him, but I'm not sure he'd feel it seeing as how he's a spirit...
GiNe-M's avatar
Oooh! Neat cast^^
Neat cast = awesome comic:heart:
Vieve-Kethrun's avatar
O_O Woah . . . that's a lot to remember. Damn.
ftepainting's avatar
yeah, it is alot. And there's more...
scribble-a-doodle's avatar
Ahh! It's so pretty! Love it all. :heart:
AthelLoren-wardancer's avatar
AWESOMENESS! on a sesame seed bun with special sauce, lettuce, cheese.
ftepainting's avatar
:D Glad to see you like it!
ZombieLady's avatar
muaha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!!! hamster-satan is the evil mastermind!!!!!! :evillaugh:
ftepainting's avatar
Zilliah's avatar
WOOO!! This is gonna be SUCH a fun comic! WAAAI! XD
And, hello, bonus!! Three! Count 'em THREE Vardengards!! I’M IN HEVEN!! Or hell....One of the two! HEE HEE!
i'm cwazeh
ftepainting's avatar
lol... I should do a picture of them together :lmao:
Zilliah's avatar
That would be so cooool! XD
Muliardi's avatar
He he he... that makes me giggle.
Ogun-GodofIron's avatar
lol, someone's name i Tsuchan

sorry, I just think it's funny that their name contains a "surname", or w/e you call it, lol
that's like if someone's name was Johnkun, XD
ftepainting's avatar
well she's not known by any other name in the comic because I'm way too lazy to come up with a last name for her and I'm too embarassed to use my full middle name :blush:
Ogun-GodofIron's avatar
the character's name is based on your middle name?
ftepainting's avatar
Yes ^^ it's Tsutayo. Which means passed from one generation to the next. It was my great grandmother's name, who I was named after.
Ogun-GodofIron's avatar
I think that's really cool!
I like that better than Tsuchan, but it's not up to me^^
oh, and thanks for addin' me=D
ftepainting's avatar
Well, people in general usually butcher the name, so the character I assume has the same problem, therefore leading to her only wanting to be called by that. I may change up how some people refer to her, but in to the general public, that's what it is.

No problem :)
lurveness's avatar
HAHA, I love how psudeo-demon Vardengard's hobby is bodly stated EATING Humans...


Torturing cats. XD


Aw, Ishiko's cute~

GAWD, all your characters are so interesting... D: I love them all.
ftepainting's avatar
yeah, I wasn't paying attention :D

I'm glad they all are. Now they just have to be put in the story ^^;

I'm so far behind....
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