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Hello ~
This is a draw this in your style challange of IG: @evelinsuarezart character. 
(The orginal picture is on her Instagram account, so check her out!)
I had so much fun to draw this :3
Hope you guys like it !


My Instagram: 
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anatomy fully onpoint :D
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Love the beautiful pink and purple colors!~

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I absolutely love her pose and that beautiful hair! Perspective is what makes this art "alive" and awesome shading (with enough blick, because contrast is important) only strengthen it! The shape of her eyes, nose, mouth and the face mapping in general are gorgeous (at least for a noob like me who draws only smug grins XD)

Keep it up and good luck to you! Hope it gets more attention!

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Thank you for your words !

Makes me really happy Blush

Yeah I'll keep it up ! :3

If you like this you should check out the original picture where is linked in the description.

This picture is pretty awesome!

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Ok the PC didn't die!

As for me, i find your style more appealing - more details, vibrant colors and shading. Effects give your art more... for a lack of a better word - "life"/"motion". Still, the original looks more like a Disney aesthetic, wich is good too!

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And I'm really happy to hear that! Thank you! :3

I prefer the more detail version too (of course I do otherwise I would not draw detailed xD) but I really like the original one.

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Kein Problem!

And i am glad you are motivated now! (Shame that i can't support more newbie artists here with this new site design - no way of finding someone new :( )

Will try to open the link without killing my PC! ^_^'

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