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Lazy Lancer

By FStitz
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This one's an illo for an article in No Quarter Magazine #24 about 'Jack Quirks.
I really liked the idea with the steamjack just sitting there watchng the bird and smoking and his 'master' screaming angrily at him. :D

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He's not lazy, he's just being a Bastion, enjoying the richness of life and nature... something they could all try once and a while, but then it would be boring so... yeah.
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You think lazy 'Jacks are bad? Try having your own warbeast try and eat you for pushing it too far.
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No wonder Gygnar is hard pressed on all sides when their warjacks are lazy...
I like it
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A friend just linked me this, and the two of us were cracking up about the Lancer not giving two shits towards Jr there. Very awesome. You've done an amazing job of drawing robotic apathy. :D
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Juniors's got a lot to learn.
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Very cool. I love the idea that a machine of war can appreciate a moment of peacefulness.
......Is that a cigar? Hahahahaha! SMOKE-O!
Fantastic. :)
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awesome pic, love the mood on this one.

tho i have to admit that the cigar is a bit too much, bird alone would have been way more effective.
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smoking warjack. lolz.
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That's what they do, right? :)
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Joyrneyman's life is not always easy.

Great job dude! First when I saw smaller pic of this, I thought that Lancer is holding a glass of wine. But cigarrette works fine too.
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Hehe...and don't forget the little bird. :)
Thanks man!
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Anyone else find it amusing that steamjack 'personality' is the result of corruption in its brain?
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It's like some 'corrupted' AI suddenly getting strange habits. :)
Maybe that's one of the reasons I play mercenaries: They use older 'Jacks which have more personality. :D
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Beautiful pic, by the way. I like how the lancer's so chilled and you can almost hear the journeyman's irate adolescent squawking.
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steamjack:i am on a break mister

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I love this part of the Warmachine background...that the jacks are not just machines but can have their own personality.
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If I saw the enemy coming and my 4-tonne bodyguard decided to 'take a break', I'd be pretty upset too...
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I think it puts steamjacks on a new level, also gives a different perspective in general regarding these steam-hissing automatons built for war
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