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Fraternal Order of Wizardry

By FStitz
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This is a piece for one of the most famous Order of Wizards and I think the biggest producer in Cortexes. Here I tried a bit of a different perspective to make it more dramatic. They are not some old guys with their toys they are doing dangerous stuff. :D

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What an awesome pic of the arcane and technology being combined!
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It's pretty much what the Iron Kingdoms universe does. Steam-powered robots controlled by magic, wizards wearing power armoured fueled by coal, etc.
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I myself prefer the savage wilds of Immoren, but i do like pinching firearms and mounting it on a vicious warbeast.
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very nice work dude!:D
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Cortexes is precious yes they is. Precious little southerners and their fancy tech'd up facilities. Khadorans make better with just 4 rivets, sheet metal, pitch tar and a bucket of nails!

For the motherland!

...Oh by the way nice illustration. :p
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Tz...stupid yellow snow eating barbarians...no sense for subtle technology. Thats the reason why their creations are so slow and don't hit a wall standing before it...

For the Swan and revenge for Llael!!

Thanks by the way. :D
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Why not use vicious beasts instead? They give you an extra spell to cast and they don't make so much smoke and noise.
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oh look out for frat parties
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Awesome! Always wondered how they made these.
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Yes, with a magic wrench-wand. :D

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