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Jaipur Matte Painting

STARNO created this matte painting artwork for the Jaipur Project.

Starno is a Montreal, Canada based creative studio that focuses primarily on high-end photorealistic images. With STARNO's along your side, you will find talent and expertise to support your every need. Including Digital Matte Painting, Concept Art, Compositing, Key Art, Poster Art, CG Environment, Promotional art and Advertisement. Visit us at
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Great work, as usual, dear Sir! Take care.
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I've juste visited your website.
I thought mattepaintings was made only for static backgrounds, sometime with 2 or 3 layers, but that's all. But I saw what your studio do, and I'm speechless. The pictures are so realistic !
That's really amazing.

Can you tell me how many people and the time for 1 project ?
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Hi DaddyCool,

Thanks for your words! We can be from 1 to 5 people per project and it can take from 1 to 40 days. So as you can see, it depend on the type of project.