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(This text is a part of the article published in the book DAM III - Digital Art Master 3)

"...Desnoyers-Ville was a special and uncommon project. Back in 2006, I did a four months contract at the company called Alpha-Vision based in Laval, Canada.

They are specialized in 3D pre-visualization architecture and they were looking to improve their skills in matte-painting because architecture and digital matte-painting are two similar fields.

They both create digital backgrounds with the same type of softwares, but they work with different clients. Martin Desnoyers was one of my students.

He had a lot of motivation but he was stocked with what some people call the "blank sheet syndrome" which means that you have problems to start your artwork because nothing comes to mind...."
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you sir are incredible!
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This is just so pretty and I appreciate how many extensive hours and effort it must have taken to complete :)
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A big mushroom city, fantastic !
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Wow ! It's so cool.
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..the futuristic Mushroom Kingdom? whatever...is simply cool! :squee:
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A vision of the future when garden gnomes take over the planet! Santa Meets Gnome 
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incredible... I love it
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Really nice concept, first i thought the light came from some city-buildings :D .
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Please let this be the houses of the future
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many things come to mind looking at this... imaging the culture and civilization of the natives being only a few of the more obvious.
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Hey, I saw this picture on flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/ev-yt_im… after favoriting it here yesterday. Are you affiliated with them, or are they stealing your image (that user claims copyright on it)?
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Those mushroom buildings are awesome! :D
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Wow awesome, very Chris Foss! love it
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Ta qifsha mamin :P

Really unique dude :)
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really impressive scene, the color and details are great, but the desaign of the buildings are really original, I assume what the materias for build this l are more light what we use.
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Very beautiful work.
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It's nice ! I love the bulding ^^
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great art! i love the contrast between the darkness and the bright fiery orange glow.

and i think i have the same problem... i haven't drawn anything decent in over a year :C
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