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Scootastic Facebook



Finally I made it! Had this idea for quite a while after seeing demotivator with that picture (well, maybe from different angle). I was surprised that I couldn't find such vector here, so I decided to make it myself.

As you can see, Twilight Sparkle wasn't the first one doing "facebook" :) Scootaloo did it first (maybe I'm wrong) in S02E12 Family Appreciation Day.

In screenshot her tail was cut off by nearby desk, so I tried my best to recreate it. And about chair's fourth leg, it's covered by Scootaloo's tail ;)

Original: [link]

Software used: Inkscape
Time wasted: ~4-5 hours in three days

UPDATE 25.03.2012 22:03 UTC+4. After more than two weeks I managed to force myself to make some changes. Her tail was retraced using this vector: [link] Big thanks to its author. Also I added the chair's 4th leg and a gap between planks on its seat and sharpened gaps between desk's planks. And the least noticable, I changed the Scootaloo's color scheme ;D
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when my friend hit herself in the face with her book she said face palm and I said don't you mena face book