oh, how much i hate spam

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who doesnt:).  i dunno if its just me but the problem of spam on devart is getting out of hand imho.

i have to flag comments every single day. i wish i could just block all comments on my page:/.
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Wow you have mega spam lol

do you have ';please spam me' on your t-shirt?

Go spam their page right back lol... no wait thats a baaaad thing to do lol =P
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Agreed, why can't people just keep unimportant and nonsensical random assortments of various words and letters to themselves? But you have it more worse than I've ever seen, you can just put it as spam, but it still fills up about half an inch of the chatting area on your page...
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definitely working on it :)

free subscription for you! mr. line rider :)

how are things going with that, anyway? did it ever get picked up as a nintendo game, etc.?
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I haven't been on DA, but I haven't seen it anywhere near as bad as yours.
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yer its just bullshit. maybe some pples like annoying others that much they dont give a shit aout the person...
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Where is the spam?
*goes and has a look*
Oh you've hidden it all. Is it all links to websites or just random stupid crap? I haven't seen any.
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it's the "FOLLOW THESE STEPS AND YOUR CRUSH WILL KISS YOU" type of spam, along with some malicious clickbait and whatnot.
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oh wait i just replied to an eight year old comment, whoops
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Holy shit, that's the worst I've seen anywhere.
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lol i agree...u kno wen i saw ur journal title i cud've sworn it said sperm :P
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