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well it seems my free subscription ended right on time.

the official Line Rider page has been redone and now even has a forum:)
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Just to let other people know, the PC version of Line Rider was developed not by fsk, but by InXile, and the track itself was made my Techdawg. He added the scenery that shocked even InXile and the sounds too.
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Awesome! I also saw that Line Rider's now available on your cell phone, great news.
Looks nice & all, & I haven't perused the forums or the info yet, but I do hope that the game will have original LR mode & new LR mode. :P
Wow, screams... Whoa... [link]
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I prefer the original, it's more simple and it felt like you could do anything!

The screaming's a little weird...but the tricks are cool!

Love the artwork and website design!
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Why'd you make him scream when he falls, it makes him look like a little girl.
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lol nice new web page

line rider its a wonderful game =D
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I love linerider, it's the best game ever!
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:lol: You've been quiet for a while. :slow:
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