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i have a dentist apointment early today so i didnt go to sleep because i would prolly miss it. with this spare time on my hands i decided to tell you guys a few things about line rider:).

i got the idea from one of my drawings i do in my sketch book. the drawing features a big hill drawn with a single line, 3 pine trees and a tiny sledder on the top just about to go down. his hands are raised because of he excitement. i still have it but i currently cant get to it because its stashed somewhere with the rest of my sketches.
anyway i was looking at the thing and i remembered about a thing i used to do in primary school when i was bored. basically i would draw a 2d landscape with jumps clifs and whatnot and then draw another line representing the path of a motocross rider on the the track. and then it hit me 'if it was fun to just imagine this how fun would it be to watch it live'.

i just finished isotype so it seemed like a good project to work on next. and it was pretty clear from the start how it should work. i dint want any scoring because when you add scoring you promote certain types of play and discourage others. i just wanted it to be like i used to do it on paper. totally free. where you decide what happens why it happens and how it happens by simply drawing a line.

i didnt add the line drawing tool on purpose because i wanted it to be a freehand thing so it would involve some skill like any other good toy. i dint want to add the eraser because of the same reason and because i thought it would resemble life more. if you make a mistake its there, if its to big you have to start over.

i never managed to decide what was the story behind line rider. how did the guy get there? how does a person get in a situation where his whole life depends on some other person drawing a line? the best i could think of was this:

hmm, i gues i should give him a name right now:D. ill call him Dude for now, even though its the lamest name:)  (reminds me of big lebovski with his passivenes)

so the dude used to live in a wonderfull world filled with nice slopes of all types where he could sled all day (something like a sledding heaven) but unfortunately, whoever drew that world made a crucial mistake. he didnt use a light fast marker! and because of that, Dudes world slowly but surely faded away.
so now the Dude is without a world and the only one that can save him from the mind numbing white eternity is you! its your mission to give line rider the life you think he deserves. and the only tool you have is a small pen you had in your pocket.

thats it. i would like to give him a better name though. lets see if i can manage to add a forum where you guys can leave suggestions.


i did not want to say l will never add the extra tools:)  i just explained why they werent there in the first place.

and i can tell you that the update is coming really soon. for real this time:)

there is a forum thread i made bottom left (you have to be in the journal to see it its not on the main page) where you can leave name sugestions for the Dude


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We just wish you weren't dead, fsk. We miss you and it's been a while and mhenr18 is already coming up with version 6.8. We all kinda miss you.