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my friends house

one of the paintings i did for school. I did this one during the summer because i didnt do it in school. I paid for my sins and fried on the sun:D.
The most fucked up part about this one were the bricks which take a fucking long time and thats why there arent finnished on the front and the top:). One half of the house is realy without bricks. Thats why i painted it because it looks funny with that inverted roof. Its not compleatly finished yet ill do that this summer:D.
The photo is a bit crappy, you can blame me for that:D. Ill take another shot when i have the oportunity.

acrilics on crappy paper
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Haha! Sedaj vem kakšne copate nosiš. :D

Drugače pa super slika, pohvala za natančnost.
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beautiful job! not sure what to say about it really!!
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What a kick ass painting. I wish I could do something like this.
I only know how to draw people and I kinda suck at doing that.
Anyways nice work, really.

ItSJustAnAmE's avatar
the same construcion like in srbija ;)
da16x's avatar
- Very good prespective, nice coloring :)
unripelemon's avatar
It's really nice:)
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wow! this looks very good

yup, finish it, and then btter post it here again =)
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