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line rider beta

By fsk
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The stand alone version which is resizable and has a better framerate.
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I like it. Great work
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ok this game is awesome and addicting!!!
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it's not a game one mine! just a pic that zooms in when you click
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download ....
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very good.
i liked it.
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Dude that is stupid u can't even play it wow u can look at it how fun!!!
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you can play it here:

this one is a standalone (exe) which you have to DOWNLOAD before you can play.
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Oh man you made this!? Everyone at my school loves it.
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wow, your the creator of line rider????
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hi (: just wanted to leave a comment saying that when some guys at my school asked what their fav game was they said it was linerider (:
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too bad inxile owns it now
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Hours of entertainment!
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nice thing! :)
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This game is cult in my class! :D
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absolutely supreme, It is faved :)
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This is excellent.
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dude... i spent SIX hours in this game today... you´ve created the best "drug" ever...
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LineRider is Awesome!!!!!!!!!
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How do I download this game?
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hahahaha that is the koolest thing ever, what makes it super kool is that he can die lol
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FunFunFun ^^
I feel kind of sorry for the little guy though, he gets abused x3
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hey great game how did u make it?

hey other people u like this line rider go check out

line rider beta 2 on this web:

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