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a color factory near ljubljana.
this one is a bit smaller (width is same as shorter side of A3)
Dont have any photos just this scan that i put tugether from three pieces
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wow, this is great, It looks like a photo in a small picture, but when it's maximized, it looks like a drawing. hoping that didn't sound like an insult. :)
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Wow the atomsphare of the back ground make it more like freaky ghost factory i didin't mean insulting but i like creap things so i'll :+fav::D, really you done a good job :clap:
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it's impressing how you reproduced all those details
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my birthplace [Ljubljana that is] =)

awesome job. i thought it was a photograph when i saw the thumb.
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This painting looks really awesome, though I'm no artist so I couldn't tell you why.
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Wow. The shading, lighting and perspective are absolutely amazing. It's not easy to make a factory look stunningly beautiful, but you, my friend, have pulled it off.
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cool shading and color selection, very nice
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That's amazing. The highlights of extra white on the buildings really add to it and balance the dreary B+W of the background. Masterpiece-ful. :-)

Great work man. Your gallery is amazing too, specially your flash works, line rider and stuff.

Beautiful work.
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Dude, your awsomeness burns! *o*
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Waitwait, that's not a picture? o_O
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Wow, that is really really REALLY good - great work!
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Great, i'm fascinated...
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That's different. I like it.
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i love it how its a colour factory, but you've done it with no colours. this is mad
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damn cool! i like factorys...
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Neat. It reminds me of a shot of Edge from Advent Children & Dirge of Cerberus. And the style reminds me a bit of charcoal.
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The atmosphere of this picture is amazing.
It is absolutely stunning.
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wow!! wonderful!! i thought it was a cool photograph from the thumb, but it's a great painting man!!!
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