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Sans or Sans Serif, Which do you prefer?

  |  40 votes

:star: I Wanna Know, WinAmp Or Foobar2000?

  |  51 votes
  • Winamp, obviously!
  • Foobar2000 FTW!
  • I use something else =)
  • I'm boring & don't listen to music...

When your doorbell rings, who do you think it is?

  |  39 votes
  • Family Member (Which One?...)
  • A Good Mate
  • An Unwelcome Individual (Who?...)
  • A Hot'n'Sweaty Female Model!
  • A Hot'n'Sweaty Male Model!
  • The Grim Reaper
  • The Police!?!
  • MI5-FBI!?!??!! (What the f**k did you do!.....)
  • Other (Come on then, tell me!...)

:faq: If DirectDraw Isn't enabled, would a new Graphics...

  |  16 votes
  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes, AND i'll give you the reason!

:star: YOUR favourite Design Style

  |  44 votes
  • █║Logotypes
  • █║Mobile
  • █║Wallpapers
  • █║Skins
  • █║Icons
  • █║3D Prints
  • █║Light
  • █║Dark
  • █║Other? Please Specify..!
  • █║Multiple? Let'me know