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:katana: I'm back, with a change
So yeah, I think I'm back in the creative world, though now I seem to have picked up a few habbits, these being drawing with a fake pen on a virtual piece of paper and taking a huge interest in nandos chicken!

That being said I am still designing along my root path and will hopefully be more active once again, though I wonder how long for! If it goes well I'll be uploading a few pieces a week, once they're complete.

:ninjaplot: Need a job? Me too..
What else has been going on? Well, I've had so many different jobs now I don't actually know, all I know is I need another one, this economic crisis sucks my balls..! Oh and I was meant to be doing a carboot today, low and behold the weather reporters are wrong, they say rain, I see sun!..

:meditate: Anyway, I'm off to catch moby!
I hope to speak to some old friends soon :nod:
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i see i wasnt the only one MIA... :D
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welcome back :hug:
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He is baaaack! :O :thumbsup:
Nice to here somthing from you bro! :)
Pretty cool to have you back right here ah and by the way... need a job too :D
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Hey man :)
Yeah I figured im getting back into the whole art scene again, I wont be seriously active but im gonna try and upload some new stuff each week ;)
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sounds pretty good my friend!;)
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Welcome back dude! :#1:
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welcome back! loves nandos :D
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welcome back huney, nice to see you again here on dA :glomp:
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Hey Tami :wave:
Thanks for the wb :hug: sorry i've missed so many journal updates! Im thinking, well, actually i'm not sure wether or not I should delete the thousands of deviations and messages or go through them one by one :confused: Anyway, let me do the thinking on that, thanks for the welcome back and I'll speak soon :)
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well huney... i had the same dacision to make :D
and i have to say, i delited them -.-*
just have not enough time, to watch them all ^^;
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