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Aston Martin DBS: wip1

By FSDown
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:bulletblue: Aston Martin DBS (work in progress)

This is as far as I have come to sketching, and air brushing, the stunning Aston Martin DBS which as I'm going to say is an absolute masterpiece of a car. I have been sketching via tablet for ooh maybe a few months with passion and so far I'm feeling pretty good about myself. Normally I 'doodle' alot and now and then I'll see something and create it around that, this however is not the case here. I have studied a few detailed photographs, thought not paying too much attention to the actual detail as of yet and shall hopefully be adding the final touches to the bodywork sketch pretty soon, then just airbrushing and touching up will be left.

I hope you like the look of this bare sketch as much as I do, I'd be quite happy leving it as is to be honest but I feel I have to complete it! This is how I'm feeling :eager:!
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The wingmirror looks a tad weird, but I love the rest. Can't wait for the final thing :)
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The final thing still hasn't been completed lol.... I doubt I'll ever get round to! :(
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This was such a blast from the past, two years ago I commented haha!

Still looks great, would be so good to see it finished.
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lookin good so far man :D
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It's still not finished :'( nor even changed!.. lol
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Worthy of a "Fantasm" Or Fantastic on an orgasmic level.

Aston's are beast. One flew past me last week, love the sound of the DBS.
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:lmao: Thanks very much!! :D
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looks good so far. can't wait t see the finished product.
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Definitely hella different from the stuff I'm used to seeing you do. It looks so smooth right now. So far so good, I'm likin it
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Haha, tell me about it. What can I say, it was time for a change from the norm and I'm pretty sure this is. Glad you like it so far :nod:
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i'm really not that into cars but it will look neat when it's finished!
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Haha, well, thankyou :D
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very nice. it will be amazing when you are done. I have a lot of trouble with proportions when drawing cars from an angle but youve got it down nicely
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Thanks for the words mate :) Glad you like it and hope you still do when its complete :lmao:
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This car is absolutely amazing! I love it and the official site is great! - love the video up there! :D
Your sketch is pretty good and looks very much like the original!
You should DEFINITELY finish it! :dance:
... I'm very curious! :D
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WOW, thanks Fabian your comments always satisfy my hunger :) I agree the official site is sweet looking itself haha. Well I went for good looks and originality with the sketch, and so far it looks original, the grill is bloody difficult though.
I've been struggling with it for the past 2 days and instead have done the headlights and rims, there will come a time though, where the grill will need attention and when that time comes... :ninja: I will see to it!
Fabi-FR's avatar
like what you're doin' :D
By the way.. London absolutely rocks! Was there back in 2006 and it was great!
Some day I'll come back there and we'll hang around and slurp some drinks! ;)
Watch out! :D
FSDown's avatar
Haha :thumbsup: For sure dude :highfive:
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i'm pretty sure this is going to be a really good piece. (like the person above me said, it's coming out nicely!)

- i have no talent with drawing cars, ha! ^^
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Thankyou for the appreciation and push, I hope it does lol :P
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