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Wonder Momo

Wonder Momo, who inexplicably made it into the Top 10 Namco Characters poll despite her game being poor and most of her later appearances being Japan only. She's a Battle Idol, kicking monsters and throwing her hoop once she transforms from the cute singer to the ass-kicking Wonder Momo!

This is easily the most expensive drawing I have ever done. The first attempt at it was finished, but as I was saving it, my laptop died. It didn't lose much, but then when I tried to save it again, the file corrupted. Then the file wiped altogether! With my laptop's problems, I finally went out and got me a Mac. Not cheap, but definitely able to withstand the power that is Wonder Momo!

So this is the third go over. It was actually sad - the second attempt at the background was the best one. This is OK. I guess. I'm still bitter about it :p
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Aaaannd she broke through! Congrats for finally producing her picture out! Gotta love that pose she's pulling off (the perspective's pretty amazing.)

Hope things won't get so difficult upon ya later on. (-l<>l-);
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Well I'm still getting used to inking on the Mac, which seems to be a little more sensitive than my laptop. I'm sure it'll click eventually :)
albertojz356's avatar
I knew it'd turn out amazing! I love everything especially the "Wonder momo" text it adds to the charm of this piece. :D
fryguy64's avatar
Haha, I can't take credit for the text! It's from the ShiftyLook Wonder Momo comic.
jigglysama's avatar
Very nice details over her character. Glad that you went over this despite all the incoveniences.
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Thanks! Well, she was in the Top 10! I couldn't skip over her really :)
TEi-Has-Pants's avatar
Sheeit, now I really get why you were pissed to lose this. The effort you put in here is the titsXD
fryguy64's avatar
Thanks! I just wish I could have rescued the old background. I did prefer my second sweep over.
Beau-Skunk's avatar
Nice, I'm not familiar with her, but great job on her. :) I also think the beach background looks quite good to. The detail on her helmet is nice, and the coloring is very good to. Great work.
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Thanks! I think the sea came out well, but I loved the fluffy clouds in the second sweep. I think Momo looks much better now though, and I guess that's what counts :)
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