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You probably don't recognise this guy. He's from quite an obscure Namco arcade game that not many have heard of. :p

Nah, it's Pac-Man. You can play Pac-Man on pretty much anything. Even Google had a playable Pac-Man Google Doodle on the game's 30th anniversary!

Hell, I have a Pac-Man stress ball, a Pac-Man mug and I don't even consider myself a big fan! He's an icon of gaming, like Mario or Space Invaders. If anyone is videogames, Pac-Man is videogames!

And who knows... he may even show up in the next Smash Bros.!
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Looks awesome. :D
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Ayye, you called it! Pac-Man appeared in Super Smash 4!! He is my main and favorite character. :D
Nice Picture for a great game!
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Wow! You have been busy have you? Awesome art you have here. I like the Pac-Man games.;)
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Very busy! Much busier at the moment now Nintober's on :)
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I understand...don't stop drawing!:)
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Funny how's he's voiced by the girl who used to do Jimmy Neutron's voice now
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His expression reminds me of something I'd see in Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures. XD Nevertheless I love the picture a lot and you did a lovely job catching his personality in this. :)
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Haha, I must admit the expressive Pac-Man from The New Adventures and Pac-Man World 2 on GBA are my favourite Pac-Man designs and inspired this to some degree :)
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Wow this is awesome! I love how you drew him :D. Spot On! I love Pac-Man he's surely going to show up in Smash Bros. Well I think so at least.
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I expect he will. I hope Nintendo manages to get some other companies on board too. Would be great to have Mega Man, Bomberman, Pac-Man... All the men!
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actually I take that back :D Shantae is my most wanted 3rd party, dunno if she's likely though.
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She seems a little less likely than Mega Man and Pac-Man, but you never know! Sakurai moves in mysterious ways ;)
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Who Shantae or Kos-Mos?
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Shantae. Although I'm not sure Kos-Mos is all that likely. But at least she's Namco!
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Yea I think Kos-Mos has a chance only after Pac-Man makes it in after all he is the mascot ;). As for Shantae that would be great, and Wayforward has been working with Nintendo co-operatively lately having their games on the 3ds shop and stuff so I think she's got a chance as well.
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Mega Man would be cool too :D. Mega Man is probably my most wanted 3rd party, well him Pac-Man and Kos-Mos tie.
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Oh PLEASE have Pac-Man playable. He deserves it more than anyone!
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Awesome; love the Pac!

And that's his modern design, too, isn't it?
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Kinda. I certainly like his new eyes and shoes, but I've never been a fan of his vapid, expressionless face since he went 3D, and his new design maintains that... So I changed that up a bit :D
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I love Pac Man! :D (Though, admittedly I usually stick to his original classic games.) Nice work on him.

And it sounds likely he will be in one of the new SSB games, considering I hear Namco is going to help Sakurai develop it surprisingly. (Though, I hope they don't put to many Namco characters in it. SSB is more of a Nintendo thing, but I'd like to see Snake & Sonic come back to.)
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