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Nintober #143. Black Paint Bowser



Some days, I’m very glad that Mario Wiki exists. It’s been a looong time since I last played a Paper Mario game.

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Preach! The Black Paint controlled Paper Bowser and his army, wanting them to paint the Paper Mushroom Kingdom black. This is why Color Splash is an amazing Wii U game. Because Paper Mario gets to save Paper Bowser and the Paper Koopa Troop from the Black Paint! Course, we also get the Paper Koopalings as well, and I would love to see Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam 2 be made! Even though AlphaDream went bankrupt, the dream shall not die! It will live on until it is a reality! Even if the false rumors of a new Paper Mario circulates through the web!…… #wewantmarioluigipaperjam2