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Nintober #143. Black Paint Bowser


Some days, I’m very glad that Mario Wiki exists. It’s been a looong time since I last played a Paper Mario game.

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Preach! The Black Paint controlled Paper Bowser and his army, wanting them to paint the Paper Mushroom Kingdom black. This is why Color Splash is an amazing Wii U game. Because Paper Mario gets to save Paper Bowser and the Paper Koopa Troop from the Black Paint! Course, we also get the Paper Koopalings as well, and I would love to see Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam 2 be made! Even though AlphaDream went bankrupt, the dream shall not die! It will live on until it is a reality! Even if the false rumors of a new Paper Mario circulates through the web!…… #wewantmarioluigipaperjam2 
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You didn't make a Nintober for 2018, but will you make one for 2019?
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hello,somebody knows when i looking in google images my profile to see my draws in images why this apearing and no my draws?help me please,i really need help
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Sorry, I have no idea what you're trying to ask me.
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You make this actually creepy (but I did enjoy the game a lot to 100% it something I didn´t do since the original PM)
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I enjoy drawing the Paper Mario enemies in non-Paper style as much as updating sprite art. I can get experimental and draw something unexpected :)
(P.S. I have been loving your Inktober stuff, as always!)
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Thanks! I basically started doing Inktobers due to your Nintobers (my first one was also a Nintober, just that year I discovered there was something called Inktober to)
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That's awesome. I didn't do well with doing one every day this year though... But better than the last few years. Mario Odyssey got in the way :)
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I REALLY wish it had been the dark ink that was evil the whole time. Think of the final boss we could have had!
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The black paint WAS the mastermind. Mario and Huey must’ve been blind when they thought Bowser did everything.
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You mean as a standalone character? I agree. The Mario RPGs need to be allowed to be weird again :)
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ABSOLUTELY. Super Paper Mario was my favorite just for the crazy cast of characters alone, and ever since then we've been getting "Toad NPC #122" and "Bowser enemy #284" over and over again...
I just want to have some more whimsy in my RPG games!
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A fact that's worth noting is that the Black Paint was gonna be the true villain, concept art shows that The Black Paint has a Phantom Blot-like entity that controlled Bowser, but Miyamoto was very strict on the original characters even if they were past friends and foes which gave Paper Mario one of the good charms.
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I saw that concept art.
I'm a big fan of allowing the games to expand beyond the core cast and exploring strange new things. I think the early RPGs were weird and interesting, but they've become more cautious and less experimental lately. They're still well written, but they lack the surprise element.
Remember Queen Bean? Remember Grodus and the X-Nauts? I miss those days.
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Yeah, it's better to explore new characters, like Flavio that guy is my favorite in Thousand Year Door.
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I do like the twist this fight is, its not actually bowser that's being evil this time
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That Bowser... Always being possessed by something!
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that makes it more memorable tho~!
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Maybe the latter. Think about it, Cackletta, Antasma, etc.
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(I know the answer because I had to research the character to write the entry.)
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At least Bowser actually got to speak in Color Splash.  It was such a relief after his role in Sticker Star where he says NOTHING!
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Oh Sticker Star... You should have been so much better than you were...
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