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Nintober #141. Veran (Zelda: OoA)


I wanted to draw Veran’s final form, but she has three of them… I went for the creepy spider and ended up drawing six different poses before I was happy enough to finish it up. Bit of a nightmare! Oh well!

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Omg, I love this! Very well done! And I love all of her forms, including this one, her Spider form! You nailed it pretty well! :D
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Thank you. I'm glad you like it. I had real trouble getting a pose I liked on this one.
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You're welcome! It was tough but you nailed it in the end, so you can be really proud of yourself! :D Still, I hope it didn't take too much of your energy / nerves to finish this drawing. ^^'
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If the third game wasn't cancelled, Ganondorf will do something evil to Farore.
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Instead she was cursed to handle passwords. A fate worse than DEATH!
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My thoughts on Veran: one of the Sexiest Villains in Nintendo history, This Picture: NOPE!

But I didn't expect a back to back Zelda Nintober.
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I like to pull surprises out of the bag from time to time :)
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