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Nintober #139. Mort (Chibi-Robo!)


This wasn’t who I had planned to draw today, but while looking for ideas to sketch for later in the month, I ran into Mort from Chibi-Robo and had to draw him straight away. If you haven’t played the original GameCube Chibi-Robo, it is well worth your time. One of the weirdest and best games on the console.

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Such an underrated game.
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I approve of this statement. Chibi-Robo is amazing.
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I enjoy the series symbol here good job!
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Thanks! I nicked it from the Chibi-Robo Zip Lash logo :)
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Mort is easily my favorite character in Chibi Robo (With Drake Redcresr being the second and Funky Phil being the third.) and his sidequest(s?) was the most satisfying in my opinion. 
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He's a relatable character with an excellent payoff. I am really enjoying seeing the love for the game, because it's one of my favourites!
Good work on Mort, Sunshine the Bear could definitely be on this list with him. 
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That's also true. Sunshine is such a jerk!
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Man, I feel sorry for the guy.
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If you want to see if things go better for him, I suggest you play the game! Because I don't want to spoil the surprise :D
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