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Nintober #135. Yokuba/Fassad (Mother 3)

Here at Nintober HQ, we try to only use official sources for our information. When it comes to Mother 3, that's tricky - as it may have the most famous fan translation in all gaming. So I went for both. Lovely.

I hope you are enjoying Nintober! If you are happy following along here, great! But I also post at these fine locations:
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The face reminds me of Mario a little bit
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Wow, I didn't even realize Fassad had robot hands! He has so many details on him, but he's never felt over-designed.
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I didn't notice the robot hands until I was working on the sketch. As for being overdesigned... I'd argue he's certainly got too many trumpets coming out of him for comfort ;)
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And I thought Porky Minch is the most unlikable bastard of Mother series.
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Arguably Porky is still worse... But Fassad electrocutes a cute monkey. So it's a close call!
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Granted, the mouse at his floor on the Empire Porky Building states that Fassad may have been a better person before he joined the Army. Porky has always been unlikable, even before his corruption.
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