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Nintober #122. Akuma Jesus (Time Twist) - FINALE!



If you haven’t heard of Time Twist, the Japan-only adventure game by Nintendo, I wouldn’t blame you. It has never been localised, and never re-released, even in its home country! I wrote a feature about it in Nintendo Force magazine this year, which entailed playing through it using a Japanese walkthrough. It has a time warp battle with Super-Hitler, a puzzle where you have to rescue slaves and Abraham Lincoln from the KKK...

The final boss is a naked, newborn Jesus, possessed by the demon you have pursued through time. You fight him in the skies above Bethlehem on Christmas Day, and he finally sucks you into a terrifying hellscape where he blasts you with electricity - before you finally exorcise the demon and return the world to normal.

It’s WEIRD! Apologies if it offends you - I didn’t come up with this - but I absolutely had to include this infamous Nintendo boss battle in the hallowed halls of Nintober.

Happy Halloween!

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