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Nintober #122. Akuma Jesus (Time Twist) - FINALE!


If you haven’t heard of Time Twist, the Japan-only adventure game by Nintendo, I wouldn’t blame you. It has never been localised, and never re-released, even in its home country! I wrote a feature about it in Nintendo Force magazine this year, which entailed playing through it using a Japanese walkthrough. It has a time warp battle with Super-Hitler, a puzzle where you have to rescue slaves and Abraham Lincoln from the KKK...

The final boss is a naked, newborn Jesus, possessed by the demon you have pursued through time. You fight him in the skies above Bethlehem on Christmas Day, and he finally sucks you into a terrifying hellscape where he blasts you with electricity - before you finally exorcise the demon and return the world to normal.

It’s WEIRD! Apologies if it offends you - I didn’t come up with this - but I absolutely had to include this infamous Nintendo boss battle in the hallowed halls of Nintober.

Happy Halloween!

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Vader999's avatar
Kind of ironic, considering Jesus commanded demons like a master commanding slaves.

Lord, please take off that bad makeup and evil face. It's not Halloween yet.
VanilluxeProductions's avatar
I'm getting some Emperor Palpatine vibes here, UNLIMITED POWER!!!
EB-the-GAMER's avatar
the hell?! where has this game been?!
fryguy64's avatar
Locked away in Japan, never to be re-released, on a system hardly anyone owned by 1991 :)
EB-the-GAMER's avatar
theres always the virtual console possibility, though...considering the subject matter its not likely.
fryguy64's avatar
Yeah, even Japan has softened up on what is and is not acceptable since the early 90s. :)
ToxicIsland's avatar
You know the next Super Smash Bros. game should have religious references in it like Time Twist does, sounds crazy, right? No take that back, certifiably insane!
fryguy64's avatar
All hail the Smash Ball!
PowerMaster64's avatar
Now imagine if this game came out today anywhere. People would boycotting it, being offended by it, start up petitions...

This is why we can't have nice things anymore, like localized Japanese games.
Vader999's avatar
Try replacing evil baby Jesus with an evil Allah or Muhammad, and let's see how long it lasts.
Beau-Skunk's avatar
According from what I read about it, it also features things involving the WW2 Holocaust, and pre-Civil War era slavery, (including a scene where a slave gets shot) so there's many other things that would've also caused alot of controversy in America, and perhaps other countries.
So chances are it would've offended even atheists, or politically-correct people, as well.

Though, being a simple text game, we didn't really miss too much.
fryguy64's avatar
To be honest, I think if the internet was around back then, it would have caused quite a stir even in 1991.

I wouldn't say it's a particularly nice game though. Interesting to talk about, but a bit rubbish to play :)
Scary and awesome hahahah
I asked before because I wanted to see Bass in Nintober. Sorry for bother "^^ Happy Halloween =D
fryguy64's avatar
Bass? From Mega Man?
Or Boss Bass, from Super Mario Bros. 3?
I know which one I fear the most! :o
FlintofMother3's avatar
Technically the bad guy is the demon possessing it, Does he have a game?
I have read of this game before (on NDB duh!) I know its a first party game, but many games of that era had IS, HAL or Hudson helping with the programing I wonder if it's a rights issue what's keeping it for being re-released.
fryguy64's avatar
Akuma is the demon, although that name just means "demon" in Japanese. The demon spends most of the game in your character's body, but I like to cover final forms on Nintober most of the time :)

Time Twist was developed by Pax Softnica - the same team who did Shin Onigashima and Yuuyuuki. I don't think it's a rights issue - I genuinely think Japan today isn't quite as accepting of this kind of content as it may have been in 1991. Hitler also appears as a boss.
FlintofMother3's avatar
I was just interested on knowing who was really the bad guy in this game. But you are right, Japan is more aware of what people will say overseas these days.
fryguy64's avatar
Yeah, the villain is 'Akuma' (or just devil/demon). He possesses your body for most of the game, and only possesses Jesus right at the end when his plan to kill the baby goes awry (as you are possessing Mary & Joseph's donkey and grab him before he could strike).
koopaul's avatar
What an amazingly absurd premise to a game.
fryguy64's avatar
I've only scratched the surface here. The whole game is fairly mundane puzzles wrapped around cultural and religious themes, selected for their shock-value. I'm surprised it ever got greenlit, even in Japan.
koopaul's avatar
And from Nintendo of all people! Well who specifically developed this game?
fryguy64's avatar
Pax Softnica, the same studio that worked on the other adventure games Shin Onigashima and Yuuyuuki.
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