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Nintober #121. DJ Octavio

We've covered off some of Nintendo's biggest series this year - Mario, Zelda, Pokémon, Kirby, Mii - but I couldn't skip Splatoon. It's got to be one of the most successful new IPs in recent memory. And while fighting Octavio and his huge Octobot was difficult - it was nothing compared to trying to draw it within the punishing deadline of Nintober :)

Only one more monster to go! Who could the Finale be this year? Share your guesses in the comments!
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And No OctoMaw? I thought it was a Fnaf reject when I first saw it.

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Not to mention he took control of Callie in Splatoon 2.
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Indeed. Not mentioned because Splatoon 2 wasn't out yet when I drew this :)

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Octavio's a General.
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Question: Which Iteration Of The Octobot King Mech Do You Like Better? Splatoon 1 Or Spla2n 2? (Hooray For Redundancy)
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I haven't reached him in Splatoon 2 yet. I'm working on it. When I'm not playing Mario Odyssey :)
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this boy aint scary 
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It's not so much DJ Octavio... so much as his giant flying war machine with metal fists.
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DJs are not scary, it's heavy metal screamers that are we should be afraid of.
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probably one of the best bosses Nintendo has don in recent memory.
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I think Nintendo's pretty good at doing final bosses. They're usually impressive.
EB-the-GAMER's avatar
yeah...I guess the only one that kinda lost me was Lord Fredrik from Tropical Freeze, but even then that was fun.
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I just got back into Splatoon today, and completed all of the Kraken challenges, including Octavio. Coincidence?


Octolings are still the best things ever, by the way.
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Quite a few Octolings could have gone on the list - but the biggest and baddest of them all had to be my choice :D
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Yeah, as the only Octarian that talks, Octavio is pretty cool.
However, the Octoling variety is still my favorite. I want them to be playable in the sequel, or at least have an amiibo, just like the rest of the Internet.
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Nice description of Octavio! No wonder why he is one of my favorite Nintendo villains! :D
fryguy64's avatar
I loved that boss battle. When he pulls out the wasabi and starts spinning the decks with it, I genuinely laughed.
TigerfishAori's avatar
Yeah! The boss battle was so awesome! And I also laughed at the puns he made during the battle! Heck, by the time I saw him say that he was going to "Remix my face" I honestly couldn't help but laugh! :XD:
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Great choice, but not the one this time! :)
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Am I hot or cold?
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