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Nintober #120. Dark Mind

Every time I worry that I'm running out of Kirby monsters to draw, I remember some horrific being with ultimate powers and a giant, lidless eye.

I played Kirby & The Amazing Mirror again recently, and I had to give Dark Mind a spot as I love his creepy design.
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Dark Mind didn't create Shadow Kirby, Meta Knight, or Dedede, they're just the Mirror World versions of them.

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Hi, I'm looking for evidence to consider the Mirror World a universe, you know something?
Jay10-000's avatar… the Two Minds and Breaking Mirrors part
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I created that, it's not enough.
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well, how able Magolor? he was able to manipulate the dimension he was fighting Kirby in and cause its destruction when Kirby beat him
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Magolor is considered a universal being, other characters in Kirby aren't. At least not for the majority.
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so couldn't Magolor be counted as what you wanted? or is it not enough?
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Since other characters aren't (usually) considered as powerful as Magolor, Kirby & friends defeating him is considered an outlier.

If I were able to find solid evidence of other characters being as powerful as Magolor, that would change, but for now I have nothing. Nothing solid.
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it is kinda weird that people see that as an outlier, especially since people don't bat an eye when dbz characters scale from something
Great as always ^^ Hey, do you accept Requests for Nintober?
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Not really. Most years I create the list in August-September time, giving me enough to time to do my research and write the little bios for the trophies. I often take suggestions on board, and will sometimes head off and do research on characters from games I'm not so familiar with. Many of the Fire Emblem characters I've done have been suggestions, for example. But I certainly don't guarantee I'll draw any suggestions. Black Shadow from F-Zero has been on my list for about 5 years. He just gets bumped for scarier monsters.

I did request slots in 2014 - but you had to donate a certain amount to charity to get a slot. Being unable to plan made the challenge of drawing one every day WAY more complicated. So I'm not sure I'll do it again. However, I may open commissions in the near future. This won't necessarily be a Nintober thing, but I need some extra cash for the Nintendo Switch! :)
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I honestly always thought the mirror people were the opposite of regular Dream Land-ians, so i assumed Mirror Kirby was a more cowardly, evil type and that's why you always found him hiding away
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Interesting theory, for sure. Shadow Kirby's desire to protect his world by chasing away all outsiders always seemed like a comment about "heroes" in-built xenophobia. I suspect I'm reading too much into it though :)
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Trust a cute, fun game like Kirby to have the best soundtracks and the creepiest final bosses.
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My wife refused to believe this was a Kirby enemy. I had to show her footage to prove it :)
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