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Nintober #119. Super Psymad

I got an absurd amount of playtime out of StreetPass Mii Plaza. With the Switch on the horizon, the future of StreetPass is uncertain - so I wanted to give the extremely silly StreetPass Zombies a spot at the Nintober Monster table. Look at that cute face! No, above that one…
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Never really knew Nintendo tried their hand at the zombie apocalypse trope.. a shame this poor doc was the one responsible for it..

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I used to defeat that boss.
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How long does it take you to draw, color, finalize, and upload these? You've been posting one after another, but I'm sure that's not how quickly you're able to work on stuff like this (unless you have absolutely nothing better to do :D )
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It takes a while. I only started the sketches last weekend, with the first drawing posted on Tuesday. I sketch at home or on my lunch break, I ink when I get home (usually in front of the TV with my wife). After she goes to bed I'll do colouring and putting the next day's entry together from a template.

I haven't gotten much sleep this week. When I do a whole month, I have to make sure to throw in some "easy days" with simple-to-draw monsters, or my schedule can get really screwy. No such luck this week! Sunday's entry is such a complex monster that I'm having trouble getting it done in the time. Eek!
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Haha, good luck! I'm hoping to see a Dragon Quest character down the line. Maybe a Slime or Skeleton Warrior. Or Psaro if you want to be creative.
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Nintendo publishes some Square Enix games, but they don't have any rights over those games, so they can't really be called "Nintendo characters". I've considered going third party with Nintober a couple of times - perhaps I shall again... Some day :)
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Ever consider adding Elh or Naval Piranha to the Nintober roster?

I swear, Elh is terrifying, mainly because it leaves a lot to the imagination…

As for Naval Piranha… Well, it scared me.
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If this is Elh, the unused Luigi's Mansion boss - this is literally the first time I've heard of it! I just googled it after reading your post. Weird!

I've certainly included some enemies here that scared me, even if they're not actually monsters. Naval Piranha didn't scare me - although there was a fantastic Naval Piranha chase in Yoshi's Woolly World that was genuinely nerve-wracking! :)
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It's nice to see some good fan-art of this character.
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Thanks! It was hard to find screenshots, let alone artwork, to use for reference. Pausing YouTube Let's Plays is very useful, even if you usually have to mute them :)
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He looks kinda like Conway the Contaminist in your style.
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That is an OBSCURE reference! ;)
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Glad that someone got it.
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He looks like one of the ghosts from Ghostbusters.
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I thought so too. But with a cute face in its brain :)
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