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Nintober #118. Litwick, Lampent and Chandelure


Have you ever noticed people don’t get angry about Pokémon designed after inanimate objects so long as they’re also Ghost types?

I was surprised I hadn’t done these guys before. Pokémon Black & White were some of my favourite Pokémon games, and these guys have really creepy Pokédex entries.

P.S. Chandelure was the best one in Friends.

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(Shudders) I fear for The Green Scorpion's life...
Nin10dohgirl's avatar
WTF Game Freak. Just......W.T.F.:fear:
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Nice! Next year you should do one of Nihilego!
Dave-Sledge-Bro's avatar
There were a few complaints about Sandyghast and Palosand, but that was it.
VanilluxeProductions's avatar
Did you know according to the leaked dex entry that inside Palossand's sandy body are it's victims' bones to support it's body, and that is just messed up.
Dave-Sledge-Bro's avatar
I thought Palossand just made it's victims into Sandgasts.
VanilluxeProductions's avatar
Yes, the victims' spirits become Sandygasts, but Palossand just keep their remains.
fryguy64's avatar
That's true. It'll be interesting to see if that sticks after the games come out. People always complain about new Pokémon designs, then get used to them when they realise how they could be useful in battle.
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Cutest/most terrifying soul-sucking ghosts ever.

Just look at Chandelure's burst attack, it's horrifying. Then he does that cute little laugh.

Probably why I like ghost types, they're adorable.
ZookieDragon's avatar
Although not normally a fan of 'object' Pokemon, I don't mind this trio. Great work on these :)
T3hTeeks's avatar
I love inanimate object Pokémon. I don't care what others say! And Chandelure is one of my absolute favorites so, love this.
fryguy64's avatar
I don't love them all - I still think the keys are silly - but I don't see it as a sign they're out of ideas or anything. They're being creative. I'd rather another key than another Pikachu-lookin' rodent ;)
T3hTeeks's avatar
Aww Klefki is my favorite from 6th gen! But I guess I get it. I definitely don't think they're out of ideas especially if this gen is an indication.
streetgals9000's avatar
The Grim Reaper in candles.
fryguy64's avatar
I wonder who would win in a fight between Chandelure and a Metroid.
FoolForGold's avatar
Probably the Metroid. As much as I love Chandelure, I'm pretty sure it doesn't learn any ice type moves.
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