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Nintober #116. Shadow Queen

I couldn't very well miss ANOTHER year! So I have 7 monsters coming in the run up to Halloween. No charity collections, no request slots, no guest artists - just one man drawing a bunch of Nintendo monsters for fun and posting them over the next seven days.

The first monsters is the Shadow Queen from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. She's been on my Nintober to-do list for a while, but with a new Paper Mario out, it seemed the best time.

It's GOOD to be back!
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I imagine the Shadow Queen would sound just like the elder Nightsister witch Daka from the Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode “Massacre”(even while she is still controlling Peach's body) if the game had voice acting because to me the Shadow Queen’s demonic-looking text balloons indicate that she would sound inhumanly monstrous.

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Thousand Year Door will always be my favorite Gamecube game of all, compare to the garbage game that is Sticker Star and Color Splash.
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Oh Fuck You! Why does LITERALLY EVERYONE I see mentioning Sticker Star And Colour Splash Criticize it. Don't like it? Well That's fine, but still You're saying it's Garbage​ and acting like the thousand year door is flawless. Each Game had their flaws but Everybody Blindly hates Sticker Star And Colour Splash just cause they don't follow the same gameplay design as the first 3 games, AND IT MAKES ME FUCKING SICK!
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Hey, people have their own opinions you know.
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omfg I know right geez
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Short form: Fuck off Will You
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Great work Fry! glad to see you again around here!
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Thanks you handsome devil!
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Good to be back!!
Welcome back sir 
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Why thank you! It's good to be back!
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Great to see these again! Fantastic work, plus I love this game :)
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It's one of the few RPGs I've played through and enjoyed. I still think back on the Excess Express chapter as a highlight - but I already added the Smorgs to Nintober years ago :)
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Loved this baddie and your artwork is amazing!
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I always enjoy Nintober so glad to see it kick off with a boss from one of my favorite games of all time!
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As with almost every Mario RPG, I made it all the way to the end boss, but didn't beat it. I suck at RPGs!
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The first time I played it back in 2004, I didn't beat the Shadow Queen either. I made it to her but kept losing so I gave up. I went back and played it again a year later, from the very beginning and beat her. And I did it again a few years ago. I love that game so much.
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On Facebook on the Smash Bros 4 page, someone want the Shadow Queen to be one of the bosses in the adventure mode. I wish we have another adventure mode for Smash Bros. Switch.

And still, great art.
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Subspace Emissary was a bit of a pain to get through - but a more varied campaign with more inspiration from other games and I'm sold! :)
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Yep. Tabuu is there.
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Indeed it is, my friend ^^
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