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Nintober 045. Necrodeus

Nintober 2012: 31 Nintendo monsters drawn in 31 days. Please help Nintober raise money for the MS Society at [link].

October 3rd 2012: 045. Necrodeus from Kirby: Mass Attack

I don't think I ever beat this game. I kept unlocking fun minigames instead and playing those to death. The vertical shooter and the pinball game were amazing!
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A single, unblinking eye... HMM.

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Something most people don't seem to point out is that his name literally translates to "death god".
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wow he reminds me of haunter.... except that he's a lot more badass
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not be left in Spanish?
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it lked too much that i'm using as wallpaper, icon of PC and even i printed in my door.
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Hey, thanks :) I'm glad you like it.
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Very nice looking picture, and i'm glad you focused on the sorceror form rather than just thehead, makes hm look a lot better.
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Thanks! I try and go for what I consider the scariest form of multi-form baddies. Kirby enemies can sometimes look a bit goofy in their final form :)
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Here's an interesting thing to note (because no one brought it up in the comments yet): Necrodeus' name is actually latin for "Death God".

...Kirby games: cute & colorful on the outside, dark & disturbing on the inside...
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That is interesting! I never really thought about it before.
im part of the skull gang, the portecter of the wand
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You sir are great at this ill fave your channel from seeing necrodeus alone!
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I did think "Shrouded Skull Demon" was a pretty hackneyed idea for a villain. He wasn't even that difficult.

At least the the game was awesome though! Said sub-games were a fantastically addictive addition but I tough the main game was great too! A complete deviation from classic Kirby but it all worked so well.
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this poor guy seems a little overrated, but he´s really cool, too bad his theme sounds like a drun luigi mansion drop out :/
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I was a little surprised how requested he was considering the game was a bit of a spinoff. Never mind - there's more Kirby to come this month :)
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poyo! ^(^o^)^
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I might get Mass Attack just because the mini-games look so fun. ;) (I played a demo of it off the "Nintendo Channel" the main game is pretty cool to.)

Anyways, great pic. He looks like a really demonic clown. The Kirby games seem notible for having really cute heroes, and really creepy looking villains.
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He does have a strange nose... The game is pretty good, but I think I went through Kirby burnout there for a while. We had Epic Yarn, Return to Dream Land and Mass Attack in such a short space of time...
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Perhaps, but before that Kirby was on a bit of a sabbatical for awhile.
In fact "Return to Dream Land" was in "development hell" for years, and went through 4 different entire game redesigns before finally getting released.
"Epic Yarn" also wasn't going to be a Kirby game originally.

I don't think I can ever get to burned out on Kirby. I just got the "Kirby's Dream Collection" 20th anniversary game, (I heard it hasn't gotten a release in the UK, or Europe yet) and I'm enjoying all the games in it still.
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Indeed, it would be good to get the 25th anniversary, but given that Nintendo Europe seems to really hate Kirby we may not see it for a while. Many Kirby games get released here about a year after their US release. It's really weird.
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Usually, Nintendo games do come out later in England, and Europe, but there are a few exeptions.

I noticed most Virtual Console titles lately seem to come out much earlier in Europe then in America. (In fact, we just finally got "Wario Land" here.)
I guess that means the VC service does better in Europe, or something, I'm not sure.
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