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Nintober 028. Mad Piano

Nintober 2011 - 1 Nintendo monster for every day in October.

028. Mad Piano
Who didn't jump out of their skin when this first happened? I certainly did!
I found fitting the keys to the angle of the piano a nightmare. I think I may be missing something simple with Illustrator...

Mad Piano suggested by me.
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idk what's worse, this guy, or the way he got scrapped by Mr. Disbear in that stupid Danganronpa offshoot.

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Nice and freaky!
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That’s some freaky deaky shit right here
The possible inspiration for this demonic entity is from an obscure Japanese horror movie, House, which included one of the characters getting eaten by a piano.
RaingThunder's avatar
Does anyone else think it was a missed opportunity to NOT have the Monster Piano in Luigi's Mansion?
fryguy64's avatar
YES! I haven't thought this for a few years, but I absolutely did when I first played LM! :)
WildGirl91's avatar
Well it seems that something like that could appear in Luigi's Mansion 3 for Switch...
VanilluxeProductions's avatar
Funny you should asked, it did somewhat. And it’s the first major boss.

laughs in the Chef, I really struggled on that guy, e. Gadd's "help" is near useless!

WildGirl91's avatar
I know, I have the game.
LiaunaSpa's avatar
i sawed this at kirby triple deluxe
intello01's avatar
XD I thought the level where it appears in triple deluxe was the same level of mario 64 LOL
NanoRim's avatar
Poor Mario must have a piano phobia now.
fryguy64's avatar
I was hoping fear of pianos had a real "phobia" name, but it doesn't... I am disappoint!
AppleSara's avatar
The piano... I think I'm one of the few to think that this piano is absolutely not scary.
Ok, it a piano with teeth is not reassuring, but I have not had a heart attack on seeing -_-... 
And a side, I like pianos X)
megapokemaniac's avatar
It's even SCARIER in Triple Deluxe! *shudder*
BlayAndHowlie's avatar
It wasn't even in Triple Deluxe.
megapokemaniac's avatar
Actually, I'm pretty sure it's the piano that the ghost possesses in the haunted house level in Wild World (NOT the Animal Crossing game!)
BlayAndHowlie's avatar
It's not in Wild World either.
megapokemaniac's avatar
Well, SOMETHING looks like the Mad Piano in Triple Deluxe, darn it!
raichuleaf64's avatar
OHH GOD! IT'S BACK! was my reaction to seeing that thing.
Lizzardtong's avatar
i still hear the sound this thing makes when it comes after me.
HighRollerHydra's avatar
Maybe that's why I didn't want piano lessons in the late '90s.
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