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Nintober 026. 02

Nintober 2011 - 1 Nintendo monster for every day in October.

026. 02
Another simple Kirby villain, and we're halfway through Nintober 2011! While 02, the real end boss of Kirby 64, is generally not that fearsome, the official artwork depicts it crying blood, which instantly put it into the creepy WTF territory - especially for a Kirby game.

02 suggested by me.
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A true embodiment of evil. And definitely more terrifying than Dedede.

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Except it didn't end there....
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Zero-Two Emote Zero-Two Emote Zero Two Avatar Zero Two Avatar 
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I'm a bloody bloody eyeball what do you want?
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It's weird how every non-Dedede antagonist from Kirby is terrifying. Not to mention UNDEAD FOR FUDGE'S SAKE.
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Still my favorite Kirby boss.
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yup my still favorite boss also drawcia :/
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//Actually, most Soul bosses tend to have a relation to Dark Matt- OHSHIT.
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u know 02 isn't a soul tho :P
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Zero's a persistent SOB.
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Nobody knows, But I know that this boss annoys the living crap out of me.
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Tell me about it. I didn't think I'd get quite so many scary Kirby enemies into Nintober as I have done. I'm positive there's plenty more as well :p
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mother of nova , his theme rocks.
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oh yea it does :3
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Dear Nova, his theme is so awesome +.+
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It's a great tune. I loved the Smash Bros. remix too!
I never fought him yet.
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The halo on its head actually adds to its creepiness. Since halos and wings are associated with angels, it makes 02 look like an angel of evil.

Although I do realize the Japanese associate halos merely meaning "dead" instead of having good and holiness associated with them (that's why Kotake and Koume got them even though they are evil, and were expected to go to hell from many Western players)

The other thing that added to 02's creepiness was the music during the fight as well as the strange barcode background imagery. It makes the battle quite unforgettable.
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Dude, Evangelion.
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Heard of it, never saw it.
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I've seen Japanese culture play with the idea of angels to create unsettling imagery. They're way more likely to make use of Christian mythology as an inspiration for their fiction than the much more strictly Christian nations. Which is a shame, as it's a rich source of interesting ideas.
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Indeed, but I still think that they might be a little confused about certain things in Western culture. When they try to use them, it may seem ironic to us in such context but straight forward to them. Here's a prime example of something they do a lot: [link]
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