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Nintober 011. Hunting Dog

EDIT: From Nintobervilltch 2008, the progenitor for my annual Nintober project. Back then I only sketched 11 Nintendo villains rather than 31 monsters. It's 2012 and I'm redoing the old artwork and dragging them into the new template to make it one continuous project, if you like!

011. Hunting Dog from Duck Hunt

Surely only the most evil of Nintendo characters could take top spot for the Nintendo villains!

And that concludes the updates to the Nintober 2008 entries. Nintober 2012 is coming up soon everybody!
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But What About The Duck Hunt Duo They’re Good Guys Right?

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I prefer Duck Hunt rom hacks, since the developers decided to have this jerk of a mutt removed and/or redesigned into something else.
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Early prototype of the dog from duck season.
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(ANGRY) Ooooh! Man, I wanna CAP HIS ASS! JUST ONCE!!! :shakefist:
Flutterbunny76's avatar
He's evil alright. Have you ever fought him in SSB?
PoyoRide's avatar
Best DHD fanart I've ever seen, ever.
AngryBirds514's avatar
The original Balloon Boy,
CartoonCats101's avatar
More like the most annoying...
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guess who's baaaack ~
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and now you can beat him to death in super smash bros 4. (i do love his final smash)
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Seeing as how your conclusion to every Nintober was probably one of the least scary monsters, you have me thinking as to who it will be this year!
My guess is either Bowletta or Mr Resetti, although Im sure it's not.
fryguy64's avatar
I can happily inform you that the finale this year will be no different :)
KidPitIcarus's avatar
Woohoo! I cant wait.
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now I can kill that darn Dog in the new flash game Duck Hunt Reloaded. and I just blew his head off. RETALIATION!
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If that dog had said "You'll get him next time", I wouldn't hate him.
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The dog could have done a lot of things not to inspire such hatred. But I guess that's why we still remember him almost 30 years later!
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It was the joke finale to my very first Nintober - a celebration of Nintendo monsters and villains. Later years included Baby Bowser and Jack from Animal Crossing :)

Who will it be in 2013?
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I never thought of it that way. O_O
fryguy64's avatar
The Finale entries tend to be jokes :)
Blackhunter1000's avatar
Oh... But still.... that's kinda creepy....
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Hey! I've seen this art Smash Bros. Crusade! Neat!
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Really? I didn't know they were using it if true.
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