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Nintober 010. Zoda

EDIT: From Nintobervilltch 2008, the progenitor for my annual Nintober project. Back then I only sketched 11 Nintendo villains rather than 31 monsters. It's 2012 and I'm redoing the old artwork and dragging them into the new template to make it one continuous project, if you like!

010. Zoda from the Star Tropics series
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Better jam some bananas in your ears to keep him out of your head!
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Wait isn’t zoda from the f-zero series
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Cool. All Of Zoda's Tranformations Are Here.
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I could have just drawn Zoda, but the weird owl-like form was too tempting, so I drew them all :)
Viper-X27's avatar
Pretty good work.
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is this really owned by nintendo? if it is, i'm really surprised to see there are no references what so ever in brawl, not even a little sticker or trophy or song.
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It is, but it was US only, and the SSB games don't seem to reference much from outside Japan, other than the occasional Egg Game & Watch or GB Kid Icarus sticker.
videofreakboy91's avatar
woah! kid icarus for the gb didn't come out in japan? that's really weird. you seem to know alot, are there any other nintendo owned games that never came out in japan? i doubt there are even that many.
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There's quite a few. I do know a fair bit... I'm the webmaster of NinDB [link] and have been documenting every Nintendo game ever released. Been a bit lax over the past year though :)
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It means lazy. I haven't updated it properly for about a year :p
videofreakboy91's avatar
yea i was checking it the day u told me about it, it's literally like every game published by nintendo. wow!
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You did a good job on this.My favourite forms are Zoda Y(even though I haven't played Startropics 2) and the one in the center-front.
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Thanks! Drawing Zoda Y is surprisingly tough. It's not clear from his sprite exactly what he's supposed to look like, so I went as weird and alien as I could :)
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Oh, I see.
You're welcome.
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Nice, you did a good job on his many different forms here. :)
I haven't played the second Star Tropics yet.
fryguy64's avatar
Cheers, my original sketch wasn't anywhere near for Zoda X, so I did it over again :)
Beau-Skunk's avatar
I see, that's cool.
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I'm still stuck on the second dungeon in the first game.
Gamehiker's avatar
Very nice. The one in the back is my favorite version of him. I tend to think of that as being his true version... if only because the horns seem to draw a parallel between his humanoid form and alien form. The other two bug-like forms seem totally unrelated.
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I'm still thinking about the most evil nintenvillian... Sonic the Hedgehog? xD (Why was he in a game with Maro!? why!!!!?)
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Cool, you gonna colour this, it would look great.
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