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Nintober 006. Captain Syrup

EDIT: From Nintobervilltch 2008, the progenitor for my annual Nintober project. Back then I only sketched 11 Nintendo villains rather than 31 monsters. It's 2012 and I'm redoing the old artwork and dragging them into the new template to make it one continuous project, if you like!

006. Captain Syrup from the Wario Land series

Another one that doesn't quite fit the modern "monster" Nintober. But a great villain nonetheless!
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So Did Wario Unransom The Mushroom Kingdom?

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Why does her buckle remind me of the shake king?
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She's a hottie.
You cant be serious... HOW SHE CAN BE SCARY?
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She isn't scary. The very first iteration of Nintober included villains as well as monsters. I did 11 sketches that year. When I came back to it, I decided to only go for scary Halloween monsters, but decided against removing anybody (that'd have screwed all my numbers up!)
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She's the hottest thing I've seen in your Nintober collection…
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ooooh now i get it maple syrup good pun Woohooooo! Woohooooo! Woohooooo! Woohooooo! Woohooooo! Woohooooo! :squee: :squee: :squee: :squee: :squee: :squee: 
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my 2nd favorite Nintendo character! I love this piece :)..if I had the priviledge of choosing newcommers for SSB4 she'd be one on my urgent list.
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It'd be very tricky to come up with a Smash Bros. moveset for her. Her Final Smash would of course be the genie :D
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i suck at making movesets lol...but I'm thinking about making one for her
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Why not have one of your new submissions be a series of fanarts of Nintendo enemies & bosses that are forgotten.
I actually faved this picture only because it had Pirate Goom in it.
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Pirate Gooms are forgotten? I can go a lot more forgotten than that! :D

Thanks for the fave! I do have some more stuff coming, but it's not Nintendo based.
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Like the unnamed mini boss from Virtual Boy Wario Land?
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Very nice! I really like her expression and the Gooms are a nice touch. The pose reminds me of the WLII intro.
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Thanks. Wario Land 2 is one of my favourite games of all time, so I did try and mimic that pose using her more recent design.
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Yeah! Great Syrup and completely into her Wario land 2 persona, Im glad that Nintendo brought her back, even if she is no used outside of the Wario Games.
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I like it when Nintendo revives fairly obscure characters. I'd like to see her used more now she's back with a proper design and everything.
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Hope they keep her around this time like they did with Daisy
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She was always a bit of a troublemaker... Moreso in SML3 but still. Always trying to better Wario in money-grubbing.
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She lived on an island in the shape of a skull, in a castle that was the shape of a skull... but she rode in a ship the shape of a teacup, piloted by pirate ducks.

I love how ridiculous that sounds ;)
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Very cool! She's one of the very few great female Nintendo villains. For some reason girlies just aren't allowed to be naughty in Nintendoland.
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Try telling that to the Poké;porn artists ;)
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Flint loves her a lot. But yeah, she's so awesome. Makes me want to play Wario Land 2 or 3 to fight her.
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Good luck with that - as she's only in Wario Land 1 and 2 (and Shake It) ;)
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