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Nintober 005. Koume and Kotake

EDIT: From Nintobervilltch 2008, the progenitor for my annual Nintober project. Back then I only sketched 11 Nintendo villains rather than 31 monsters. It's 2012 and I'm redoing the old artwork and dragging them into the new template to make it one continuous project, if you like!

005. Koume & Kotake from The Legend of Zelda series

I must say updating the old artwork but keeping the same pose is pleasing. I couldn't do it with everyone, but it's quite cool when it works.
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Fusion is just a cheap tactic to make weak witches stronger!
SirArceon's avatar
I only had one thought when they became Twinrova.  But I'm too nice of a guy to say that word.  (To think they actually had the nerve to flippin' WINK at the guy..!)
one is 400 and one is 380
HighRollerHydra's avatar
Why did two creepy witches fuse into a super-hot woman?! O_O
CrescentNubila's avatar
I wish they had never died. :-( They deserved to be recurring characters in the Zelda games. Heck, as many times as Bowser's 'died', he's still around to this day.

Great work!
fryguy64's avatar
To be fair:
A) They came back in Majora's Mask and the Oracles; and
B) The Zelda series kinda jumps all over the timeline, so they could still come back :)
CrescentNubila's avatar
That's awesome! :-D They're some of the best characters of the series in my opinion.

Thanks for the info! :-)
Julesworld99's avatar
In germany's realise of the game,the german names of these two translated to "killer grannies"
I can die happy now
fryguy64's avatar
Huh, their Japanese names appear to mean "Light" and "Matter"... I'd never thought to look that up before!
Julesworld99's avatar
One reason why DYG is my fave
professorfandango's avatar
Lookit dem sexy old broads. Why have they never made a comeback?
fryguy64's avatar
Pfft, if you like that kind of thing! Mother Brain is the woman for me! Aww yeah!
professorfandango's avatar
"It was at the moment Mark realised he had married his mother (brain)"
Emsy295's avatar
have you ever seen 'spirited away'? :D
fryguy64's avatar
You're the second person to make a Studio Ghibli comparison. Not that I'm complaining!! If my stuff is starting to look like Miyazaki art then I'm definitely on the right path ;)
Emsy295's avatar
maybe if you went a step wackier and added in a cute sprog or two, and a weird and wonderful quest, you could make a studio ghibli-esque cartoon of your own!
Satsy's avatar
Ahh, those two always looked creepy.. ^^; Nicely captured!
fryguy64's avatar
They are HIDEOUS! I didn't realise just how hideous until I had to track down official art for this sketch ;)
Gamehiker's avatar
The most disturbing part of that battle was not only did the two hags become this amazonian-esque witch, but that she then winked seductively at Link.

I swear, OoT Link was the biggest Nintendo pimp ever. Well, next to FE6's Roy, of course.
fryguy64's avatar
Hell, every Sage had something for Link! You even had Darunia trying to give him a Big Goron Hug... and nobody knows what Rauru got up to for those seven years!
OldManRupee's avatar
Yay! Its my suggestion! They came out really great Fry! Maybe when you've got more time, you could colour some of these?
fryguy64's avatar
Well, I'm not going to do any more till I'm done with the daily sketches. If I colour them, I'll more than likely completely redo them instead ;)
jigglysama's avatar
Their boss battle was awesome. Gotta love bosses with personalities like those two.
fryguy64's avatar
They don't come along every day, that's for sure!
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