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Nintober 001. Mother Brain

EDIT: From Nintobervilltch 2008, the progenitor for my annual Nintober project. Back then I only sketched 11 Nintendo villains rather than 31 monsters. It's 2012 and I'm redoing the old artwork and dragging them into the new template to make it one continuous project, if you like!

001. Mother Brain from Metroid
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Sonic's lover.

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Bio computer? Meaning she is partially organic. She's called "Mother brain".. Would this mean she could've once been a part of or have been a regular living organism? Pherhaps humanoid? Either way she's downright disturbing and frightening to look at. Props to Samus for going tou to toe with this fright-show.
Slight mistake on the profile, the X wasn't a virus, it was a parasite.
According to the official website for the game, it was a parasitic virus.
Ding! Ding! Ding!
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I remember you had to be extra careful not to lose a lot of health during the fight with Super Metroid's MB; she tends to fire two of those omega beams if you're still relatively alive and kicking, accidentally killing you with the second beam.
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I've said it many times before MOTHER BRAIN FTW.
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She would have done if it wasn't for those pesky Metroid Babies!
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interesting she sent the space pirates after the hatchling on sr388
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Captain N's take on Mother Brain was so wierd.
She had the most wierdest, feminine laugh ever.

I remember killing her in Zero Mission- Still wierd to think her cartoony counterpart. (-lwl-)
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I think she was voiced by a guy.
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Ooh, nice angle on there! Also, kinda creepy, just to be expected. ;) Now imagine that bossing around Eggplant Wizard and King Hippo. ;P
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It would have been quite a different show, to be sure ;)
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;) I'd still have watched it.

Although that's not saying much. o_o
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Nice job. I liked how in Super Metroid the first battle with her/it was reminisc of the original NES game.
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I like how you have to revisit the original site of the battle so close to the start of the game. Have you played Zero Mission? I loved the ties between that and Super Metroid as well.
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I've played a li'l of Zero Mission, but sadlly I don't own it. I hear it was much better (and not as short) as Metroid Fusion was.
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I thought it was easier than Fusion, but it was awesome anyway.
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Maybe "Fusion" just seemed easier to me, 'cause I played through Super Metroid so much. (I did like the new feature of being able to hold onto ledges, which lead to some clever platforming in the game.)

Also, great redone Mother Brain pic. :)
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I've gotten far in Super Metroid but never quite beaten it still. I really think I should get around to that soon. But Fusion remains my first beaten Metroid game.
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Well, good luck with that. :)
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thats one :fear:
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Brain in a jar, honey! Brain in a jar! ;)
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